AttainU - Online and Live Full Stack Web Development Course
Important Information

Make sure to use a laptop with a stable internet connection to go through our Enrolment Process.

Our Enrolment Process comprises of below 4 Stages.
You must successfully complete all the 4 Stages to enter the Upcoming Batch.

  1. Three Guided Counselling Tracks
    10 mins per Track
  2. Selection Test
    2 day time window to complete
  3. Course Registration
    Documentation and Fee
  4. Join AttainU Student Portal

The progress bar below will help you keep a track of how much of the enrollment process you have completed so far.

Enrollment Process
Guided Counselling Tracks
  • 1. Going through the Three Guided Counselling Tracks below will answer all your questions about this course and will help you find out if this course will be beneficial for you.
  • 2. Based on your background, current situation and expectations the Guided Counselling Tracks will either become Green (successful completion) or Red (not a fit for this course).
  • 3. Completing each Guided Counselling Track will take not more than 10 minutes.
  • 4. You must successfully complete the 3 Guided Counselling Tracks to automatically open up the Selection Test.

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