AttainU - Online and Live Full Stack Development Course
Important Information

Make sure to use a laptop with a stable internet connection to go through our Enrolment Process.

Our Enrolment Process comprises of below 4 Stages.
You must successfully complete all the 4 Stages to enter the Upcoming Batch.

  1. Three Guided Counselling Tracks
    10 mins per Track
  2. Selection Test
    6 day time window to complete
  3. Course Registration
    Documentation and Fee
  4. Join AttainU Student Portal

The progress bar below will help you keep a track of how much of the enrollment process you have completed so far.

Enrollment Process
Guided Counselling Tracks
  • 1. Going through the Three Guided Counselling Tracks below will answer all your questions about this course and will help you find out if this course will be beneficial for you.
  • 2. The Guided Counselling Tracks adapt based on your responses, to uniquely answer all your queries. Hence to get your queries resolved make sure to answer all the questions truthfully and watch all the videos carefully.
  • 3. Based on your background, current situation and expectations the Guided Counselling Tracks will either become Green (successful completion) or Red (not a fit for this course).
  • 4. In case a Guided Counselling Track wrongly becomes Red in your case, you can write to us at requesting a manual review. Please make sure to mention your correct email address, phone number and detailed reason for us to be able to resolve your manual review quickly.
  • 5. Completing each Guided Counselling Track will take not more than 10 minutes.
  • 6. You must successfully complete the 3 Guided Counselling Tracks to automatically open up the Selection Test.

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