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10 Best Online Web Development Courses That Are Absolutely FREE

Web development is the procedure of maintaining and creating websites and web applications. Web development courses free online have a wide scope and applications in this technological era. Here, we have shortlisted the best free online web development courses with certificates for beginners who want to learn web development from scratch. We have also selected courses for intermediate and expert professionals who want to upskill and enhance their careers in web development. Unlike most professions that require months or sometimes even years of training, learning web development easily begins today if you have the zeal of learning.

An online web development course would be one of the easiest ways to dip your toe in the water. There are many such web development classes offered by top online learning websites like AttainU. Put simply, online free web development courses are the best way to find out if the coding life is for you. To make this process easy we have handpicked a few courses that should help you get started. If you are on the lookout for beginner online free web development courses that don’t require you to be an expert in programming, this article is just for you. The online courses that have been listed below are not only free of cost, but will also familiarise you with the world of web development in the easiest way possible.

While a full-fledged coding course can take your skills to a professional level, it’s important to take the first step by trying out some of the self-guided free web development courses that cover everything from fundamental programming introductions to developing best practices.  Below we’ll take a look at the creme de la creme of the web development courses online with certificates and highlight what they can each offer you. Here are some of the best web development courses online you can use to get started and learn web development.

Introduction to HTML by AttainU

If you’re new to the world of web development and want to start off with something easy, then we recommend the Beginner’s guide to HTML and CSS courses by AttainU, being one of the best free online web development courses with certificates in India. This course at AttainU is specially designed for beginners who are just getting started and is taught by industry experts.

Duration: Introduction to HTML5: 120+ minutes; Introduction to CSS3: 120+ minutes

Beginner’s guide to CSS by AttainU

As far as free online web development courses with certificates in India are concerned, this one is quite popular.

This course includes in-depth coverage of concepts, quizzes, interactive lecture videos, expert insights, and independent exercises. These web development classes target to teach you how to build websites and how to design a website through CSS. The course also includes CSS properties, Position, Flexbox, and Live project and thus can be slightly challenging.

Duration: 120+ minutes of rich content.

Prerequisites: Using text editors such as Sublime or Atom, Google Chrome

Beginner’s guide to JavaScript

JavaScript (JS) is one of the most accepted, flexible, and dominant programming languages for the web.

The programming language is used by front-end as well as back-end developers. These are web development classes online for the ease of the learners. 

To get started, you can take this free course offered by AttainU that covers Datatypes, loops, DOM, functions, arrays, Declarations, and conditional statements.

Duration: 120+ minutes


Once you become a little familiar with the JS basics, read this free book named Eloquent Javascript: A Modern Introduction to Programming by Haverbeke. It can be a little hard but it covers all the concepts within JS along with some coding challenges so you can practice what you have learned. Completing this book would give you a thorough grasp of JavaScript.

Learn Git with Codeacademy and Udacity

Git is one of the most famous version control tools that developers use, not just to save their work but also to collaborate and share their work with others. Both these online learning portals provide free web development courses with certificates on Git, its overview, and basic Git commands.

Duration: Learn Git basics for free by Codecademy (10 hours); How to use Git and GitHub by Udacity (3 weeks)

Prerequisites: HTML

Pro tip

There are lots and lots of free resources on Git, branching, and Git commands on Github. And if you are looking for more advanced commands you should have a look at the Atlassian Git Tutorials.


  • Making a website by Codeacademy

If you are a beginner, this course is best suited for you, this introductory course is a great way of getting a hang of web development in some way. This course works with languages like HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap to teach you to create a few simple websites.

You can employ your knowledge of HTML, CSS, and even JavaScript from the previous courses to build on these concepts.

Duration: 7 hours

Prerequisites: HTML and CSS

  • Responsive website development and design specialization by Coursera

It’s quite predictable now with the ongoing trends of web development that mobile is going to be the future. 

In this course, you will learn to create web pages with the fundamental elements to control the design and the layout of the website. This basically deals with the front-end part of it. This course will enable you to create accessibility and usability for your responsive websites.

With more than 60 thousand plus learners of this course, it has been proven as one of the best web development courses online.

Duration: 140 hours

Prerequisites: HTML and CSS

  • Basics of chrome developer tool

Google’s built-in Chrome Developer Tools ensures that developers can do a thorough performance interpretation of their websites. This is one of the most crucial debugging tools in a front-end developer’s skill store. 

In this course, you will learn how to quickly identify and then fix the problem for your client with the help of a powerful set of tools with Chrome developer tools. This course can be slightly challenging as you have to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a complex combination. But Udemy has curated it in a very simple way.

Hence this online free course by Udemy is one of the best ways to get started off and enhance your skillset.

Duration: 45 minutes

Prerequisites: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Front-end libraries certification by Freecodecamp

Libraries assist complex processes with simple and easy-to-use one-line code commands. Libraries are made up of various functions that unite together frequently used methods, to ease the process of controlling and altering your code.

This free course by Freecodecamp covers jQuery, Bootstrap, React, Sass, and Redux, and then ensures you deploy all the skills that you learned on their projects as this course mandates for you to do certain projects. And only when completing these projects will you get the certification so this way this course ensures that you not only get the certificate but also practical knowledge through the projects.

Duration: 300 hours

Prerequisites: HTML, CSS, JavaScript


  • Deploy a website by Codeacademy

Deploying or in general terms pushing a new code to a server is an essential part of a developer’s daily workflow. Understanding the connection between your computer and the Internet, also how to communicate between the two, is crucial for every developer.

In Deploying a Website, you will understand how to take website content and issue it to the Internet. You will also master how to use Jekyll, a handy tool mostly used by developers to get new static sites quickly up and running.

In deploying a website you need to incorporate Jekyll, GitHub workflow, and also AWS.

Duration: 2 hours

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of GitHub and the basics of creating a website

  • Beginner’s guide to MySQL Database by AttainU

When you are new to the world of online web development and you have no idea what to do, or where to go, this course by AttainU is the right roadmap for you. This course takes you through how to create a functional MySQL interface from beginning to end. At the end of this online free web development course, the learner is presented with a certificate.

This course imbibes Setup, DB Setup, and CRUD Operations. This course is curated by industry experts keeping the latest trends in web development in mind. 

Duration: 120+ minutes of rich content

Prerequisites: HTML, CSS, and fundamental knowledge of making a website


In the final words, I would only like to say that taking up or joining a free online course helps you understand your interest in that particular field with nothing to lose but to only add to your skill set in some way.  

And this article will especially help you if you are a beginner as we have handpicked the best web development courses online from all over the net. And some of these courses even give you certificates and get you recognized. So it’s a win-win situation for you where the courses are not just free but also give a valid certificate if you want to showcase your skills.

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