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10 Common Features of C Language That Make It Stand Out From Other Languages

C language is a procedural computer programming language created at AT&T Bell Labs in the early 1970s. It is a programming language that came after the B language. Also, there are many diverse features of C language. It was made to fix problems with the BASIC, B, and BPCL languages. It had both high-level features and the specific ones that are needed to make an operating system. In the 1980s, the C programming language became famous for making mainframes, microcomputers, and minicomputers. C, therefore, has become the most commonly used programming language across the world.

What Is C Language?

C language is a programming language with fixed types and can be put in procedural programming. This means that everything in C is either a function or a procedure. C programs have a function called “main,” which is the first function and is also in charge of starting and stopping the program.

It has support for lexical variables, structured programming, and recursion. C was made to fix problems with the B, BASIC, and BPCL programming languages. 

Why Is C Popular?

Many things make a programming language popular. However, these reasons are different in each language. If you are interested in knowing more about the C programming language then AttainU is one of the best places to learn.

C is well-known for several reasons. For example, it is a simple language that uses a structured approach to programming, which breaks a problem into smaller subproblems and then solves each one.

information about c programming

In addition, C was long before any of the popular programming languages used today. Also, a lot of them use ideas from the C programming language. Because it can program at a low level, it is also great for making operating systems and compilers.

Why Choose the C programming language?

A developer or programmer should learn the C programming language for a few reasons. Even though personal tastes and the needs of the project are the most important factors, here are some other features of C language:

You Can Get Close To The Hardware With C. 

This makes it easy to make system software, which makes it one of the best options for system programming. It came out a long time before other popular programming languages, like Python, which is good for JavaScript or data science and machine learning, which is the core of the web. 

Therefore, it has some effect on the languages that are used today. C is faster than today’s popular programming languages because its syntax is simple and has only the needed features. C is one of the most popular programming languages, probably because of everything that has already been said.

The Main Features of C Language 

The main features of C language show what it can do, what makes it unique, and how useful it can be when creating a website or piece of software. Here are some of the characteristics of the C language:

Simple and Beautiful

It is a simple C programming language, unlike most languages used today. It uses the traditional method of breaking a big problem into smaller ones and solving each separately. The syntax of C is simple and easy to learn and understand. This makes it easy for programmers to write or change a C program. C is the first programming language in schools and colleges and professional programming courses. At AttainU you will be taught this language in a very easy and better way. 


It is well known that the C programming language that uses static typing is faster than dynamic typing. C is an advantage over other programming languages because it is statically typed. In addition, Java and Python are based on interpreters, but C is based on a compiler. This speeds up the process of putting together and running code.

Another thing that makes C fast is that it has only the most necessary features. Newer programming languages have many features that make them more valuable but slow them down and make them less efficient. Since C only has a few essential features, it is easier to handle them, making C faster.


Portability is another feature of C languages. In simple terms, C programs don’t depend on the machine they are running on. This means that you can run a piece of code written in C on different machines without making any changes that are specific to each machine. So, it allows you to use the same code on multiple systems, depending on what you need.


You can add information about C programming quickly and easily. This means you can add new features to a code that has already been written by making a few changes. It lets you add new features, functions, and operations to a C program that already exists.

Libraries With Many Functions

C programming language has a large set of libraries with many built-in functions that make it easy for programmers to do their job. Even someone who has never coded before can easily use these built-in functions. User-defined functions can also be made and added to C libraries. With so many functions and operations to choose from, a programmer can make many different kinds of programs and apps.

User-defined functions

C Language can allocate memory on the fly. It just means you can change the size of a C Language data structure while running. One of the best reasons to use the C programming language is that it can do this.

In addition, C comes with a lot of functions already built in to deal with allocating memory. Users can free up memory whenever needed by calling the free function in C. Also, the C functions calloc(), malloc(), and realloc() are a powerful trio for managing memory.


Newer languages like java and Python have more features of c language than the c programming language, but because they have to do more processing, they are not as fast and efficient. As a middle-level language, C lets programmers directly interact with the computer’s hardware, which is impossible with higher-level languages. That is one of the reasons why the C language is the best place to learn code. It is fast because languages with static typing are faster than languages with dynamic typing.

Modularity with Structured Language

With the help of functions, this part of the C language lets the program be split into smaller pieces that can be run separately. In simple terms, modular programming is a way of designing software that makes more pieces of the same code. For example, you might want to know how big a square, a rectangle, or a triangle is. We do not have to write the code all at once. Instead, we can break it into different functions, one for finding the area of a square, another for a rectangle, and a triangle. It ensures there will not be any mistakes and makes it look better and more organized.

Language for Middle-Level Programmers

Even though the C programming language was first made only to do low-level programming, it now has features and functions of high-level programming as well. This makes it a mid-level language. In addition, as a middle-level programming language, it gives you the best of both worlds. For example, C lets you directly change the hardware, which is something that high-level programming languages do not let you do. 


Pointers are pieces of code that point to a specific place in memory. These let developers work directly with the memory, which makes working with functions, arrays, and memory easier and more efficient.

In addition, pointers are the only thing that makes dynamic memory allocation, which is a big part of the C Language. A pointer is a variable whose value is the address in memory of another variable. Like other variables, a pointer must be declared before it can be used.


Recursion is a feature of the C programming language. With recursion, you can make a function that calls itself repeatedly until a specific condition is met, just like with loops. In C programming, recursion lets you use code frequently and go backward. By taking the MEAN Stack Developer Course, you can learn everything you need to know about developing and testing the newest technologies. 

C programming language

C programming is still top-rated worldwide, and its unique features are the main reason. In this article, we have talked about some of the most important things about the C language. Because of these things, there are still a lot of multinational and large companies that want to hire C programmers. Learn algorithms to improve programming skills on AttainU


C is a compiled language, which means that its programs are turned into object files made up of machine code that the CPU can understand. After the program has been compiled, the linker combines the different object files into a single binary file that can be run to run the program. The growth of technology has made this process much more manageable. There is a lot of information about c programming that can be used online and run C programs.

If you are planning to learn the C programming language then look no further than AttainU and we will help you to achieve new heights in your career. The above are the common features of the C programming language that make it popular in the IT industry. Sign in for more information.

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