highest salaried jobs in india

10 Highest Salaried Jobs in India-Top 10 Professions to Consider

highest salaried jobs in India

10 Highest Salaried Jobs in India: Top 10 Professions to Consider

Every student wants to pursue a career in fields that uplift their passion and also give them financial freedom. Indian parents always do their best to support their children so that their children get the best job. Students also leave no stone unturned to get a job that helps them to fulfill their dream. With time, the world is also evolving the new job opportunities, and here have shared the top professions that offer the highest salaried jobs in India.

With the invention of the internet, many jobs have been created, but students and their parents are not aware of that. Many corporate companies have emerged in India which offer an individual the highest salary and quick growth, but it requires great skills. Some of the students don’t have a mentor who guides them about their skills and jobs. 

If you are a student or you have a son or daughter who is in the first phase of their career and want a job that gives quick growth and a good salary package, then go through this article to learn about various new career fields and the best jobs in India with high salary.

10 Highest Salaried Jobs In India

1] Data Scientist

Data science is the most lucrative option for students as this job gives a handsome salary and quick growth. In recent years, data scientist demand has grown more than 300% since 2013, and it is considered the best and highest salary job in India per month. Due to the immense growth of internet users in India, the requirement for data scientists has exponentially increased and made this profession one of the highest salaried jobs in India.

Data Science has a payroll between 4 – 12 LPA to certified specialists who have no experience in work. The experienced Data Scientist professionals also earn around 25 LPA in India.

Data scientists are the people employed to anatomize and elucidate complex digital data, such as the usage statistics of a website, especially to assist a business in its decision-making. Professional Data scientists have a good hold on computer science, programming, mathematics, statistics, and analytics. 

The job role of the data scientist is to spot valuable data sources, automate data collection processes, and organize both structured and unstructured data. Several online academies offer the Executive PG Program in Data Science, and by doing this course, you can apply for jobs in IT companies.

Data Scientist

You will need a B.E./B. Tech degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or Information Technology to do the Executive PG Program in Data Science. 

2] Investment Banker

Investment bankers are the people who help companies, governments, and individuals to raise funds, make investments, gain profit, and merge and acquire companies. They have a very good knowledge of the market, economy, real estate, and business.

After being certified in Investment Banking, you can find easy jobs with high salaries in India. The starting salary of the Investment banker is around 4-12 LPA, while an experienced one can get up to 40 LPA. 

To become an Investment banker, you must have a master’s degree in business administration along with a good command of finance, economics, and mathematics as well.

3] Full Stack Developer

Full Stack developer is the person who builds and maintains big websites like e-commerce and works on the frontend and backend of the development of the e-commerce or online stores. They manage the product categorization as well as the security, testing, and SEO of the sites for their client.

Without any prior job experience, Full Stack Developers’ salary goes up to 5-12 LPA. Once you have 5 years of hands-on experience in Full Stack web development, you can earn up to 30 LPA. Full Stack developer is among the highest paid profession in India.

To become a Full Stack developer, you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology and have good knowledge in frontend and backend coding languages like HTML, CSS, Python, React, JavaScript, AWS, and SQL. 

Full Stack Developer

4] Software Developer

A software Developer is a person who creates, designs, deploys, and supports computer software. They also develop many apps for Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows Operating Systems. They also test the software and fix the bugs and make the necessary changes to upgrade the software or tool.

In India, the software developers get between 4-6 LPA with no work experience. However, once you become a specialist in software development, you can find the best jobs in India with high salaries of up to 12-15 Lac per annum or more.

To become a software developer, one must have a degree in bachelor of computer science and must have certified knowledge of Java, Python, and SQL programming languages. 

5] Block Chain Developer

The database which is used to store and organize information is known as BlockChain. Blockchain development includes the building, maintaining, and designing of the blockchain of the system and application, and the person who develops these blockchains are known as BlockChain developers. Read more about blockchain courses to learn in 2022 on AttainU

Block Chain Developer

BlockChain developers have the highest salary in India per month. The starting salary of the BlockChain developers is 6-7 LPA, and an expert BlockChain Developer gets up to 15 LPA. There is a huge demand for BlockChain Developers in India, but there are only 5000 Blockchain Developers in the country to date. So, you can be the next to claim one of the highest salaried jobs in India with having a Blockchain developer certificate.

There are two types of developers known Core BlockChain developers and Blockchains software developers.

Core BlockChain developer develops and maintains the blockchain system and designs the protocols and security patterns of the whole blockchain network. At the same time, a BlockChain developer works on the existing Blockchain network to build the application. They design and maintain the app and also handle the Frontend and Backend development.

To become a Blockchain Developer and join the highest paid profession in India, you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or Information Technology and also have certified knowledge of Python, Cryptography, Data structures, Smart contracts, and Blockchain architectures. 

6] Chartered Accountant

A Chartered Accountant (CA) is a person who manages the finance and accounts of the firm or company. They have to look after the accounts, tax, and audit services of clients and help them to understand the GST, every variation in taxation policies, or salary-related concerns. Chartered Accountants maintain accounts and prepare financial statements, implement accounting systems and prepare monthly financial reports. They also perform auditing and taxation services. 

A Chartered Accountant is a member of the ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). They are hired by both large and small corporations as financial advisors. To date, there are 2.82 lakh chartered accountants in India.

The chartered Accountant profession comes in the list of top 10 highest paying jobs in India because the starting salary of a CA is 3-6 LPA. The salary can rise to 30 LPA depending on the skills and expertise. With the experience of 3-4 years, you can earn up to 8-10 LPA in India. 

Nowadays, CA is the best profession that gives you the highest salary. To become a successful CA (Chartered Accountant), you have to do the CA course regulated by ICAI, India. 

The Chartered Accountant course has four levels: 

  1. Common Proficiency Test
  2. Integrated Competence Professional Course
  3. 3 years of training under a practicing CA
  4. CA final. 

The required educational qualification to do a CA course is a Bachelor’s or PG degree in Finance with a minimum of 55% marks.

7] Machine Learning Expert

Machine Learning Experts are the people who make the self-learning system just like the human brain. The Machine Learning experts conduct analytical interpretation, instruct and retrain ML systems and invent ML programs and algorithms and execute them for suitable business requirements.

The starting salary of the Machine learning experts started at 5-6 LPA and experienced Machine Learning Experts can get up to 19-20 LPA. Machine Learning professions are considered one of the best highest salaried jobs in India that let you earn enough fortune to live a lavish life.

Machine Learning Expert

To become a Machine Learning Expert, you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or Information Technology and also have certified knowledge of Python, Strong mathematical knowledge, and Strong written and oral communication, interpreted as the capacity to prepare presentations, progress reports, and interactive data visualizations. 

8] Business Development Manager

Business Development managers work in making strategies and planning the sales, making opportunities in target markets for your organization’s products and services, Generating leads, Developing and nurturing relationships with key customer accounts, etc. In a word, we can say that a Business Development Manager does all work related to the company’s growth.

BDM or Business Development Manager can be considered as the profession to get easy jobs with high salaries in India. The starting salary of the Business development manager is 3-5 LPA, and the experienced Business Development Manager can get up to 10-15LPA. This is an easy job with a high salary in India.

To become a Business Development Manager, you must have a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in business administration.

9] Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are the people who take care of our health, and their job profile is based on their specialization. For example, the responsibilities of the surgeon are very much different from a general physician, but they have to perform some duties like checking patients, diagnosing their health problems, and treating them. 

The job roles of the Medical professional are to check a patient’s symptoms and diagnose the medical problem. They take accurate records of a patient’s health problems and medical complexities and collaborate with medical assistants, nurses, and other health experts to provide top-notch health treatments.

Medical Professionals get the highest salaried jobs in India. The starting salary of a medical professional starts with 2-6 LPA, which varies according to the specialization. The highest salary for an experienced medical professional goes up to 20 LPA in India, which is more than Rs.1 lakh per month.

To become a Medical Professional, you must pass 10+2 with 60% marks in the physics, chemistry, and biology streams and qualify for the NEET exam. It will help you get admission to the top medical colleges of India and obtain a degree of MBBS and post-graduation in MBBS degree.

10] Marketing Manager

The marketing manager is the head of the marketing department of any company. They analyze the demand and supply of the goods, and the choice of the customers and are responsible for marketing the company’s product. They develop marketing strategies according to the people’s choice and help the company to grow its revenue. Marketing and pricing strategies and generating new business leads are also taken care of by the Marketing Managers. To enhance your skills in the field of marketing, read about the marketing course with a training certificate on AttainU.

salary of marketing managers in India

The entry-level salary of marketing managers in India is around 3-5 LPA, while experienced marketing managers can get up to 12 LPA.

To become a Marketing Manager, you must have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration. Many abilities like efficient communication, interpersonal, leadership, management, problem-solving, and outstanding sales and negotiation skills are required to become a good Marketing Manager.


Hope you have a clear idea about which job has the highest salary in India. You must pay attention and focus on your goal to get the best job in whichever field you choose. Above are the best top 10 highest paying jobs in India which gives quick growth with good salary. This article will help you to choose the best jobs that can give you financial freedom and relaxing life in the future.

However, if you are ready to enhance your technical and professional skills, then AttainU is there for you. We offer the best courses with an easy learning curve that are the most demanded in the industries in India and abroad as well. You can pursue one or multiple courses based on your analytical skills and desire to claim the highest salaried jobs in India. Learn more about frequent questions asked during interviews for freshers on AttainU.

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