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20+ free resources to learn full stack web development

Web developer courses cover building and keeping up with sites; these sites can go in intricacy from straightforward static sites to more complex web applications with immense data sets, ongoing information, and serious applications like online entertainment and eCommerce applications. 

Full-stack web development courses are in high demand and are helping to fulfill the hiring requirements of companies with open positions in various verticals. In the event that you have chosen to be a part of this field, the next step is to begin learning full-stack web development and gain fundamental abilities. This blog investigates the best resources to learn full-stack web development. These courses will help you launch your journey towards a rewarding profession in the web development space.

Back-end engineers plan the application APIs and information database structures and implement the business logic. Backend engineers were initially also tasked with being designers as well till some time ago when front-end advancement was viewed as minor work. Backend engineers can utilize a wide scope of skills to accomplish their tasks. A backend engineer would be skilled in technologies like JavaScript, Nodejs, Expressjs, Python, SQL, AWS, and so on.

Front-end engineers consume the APIs and execute the rationale to deal with a site’s show, intelligence, and client experience. Not at all like backend, the front-end designer’s principal prearranging language is JavaScript. In any case, there is a mind-boggling measure of JavaScript systems, libraries, bundlers, and construct apparatuses accessible for front-end development. Furthermore, as a rule, a front-end engineer is well versed in at least one of these. A few instances of these front-end innovations are React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, Webpack, Rollup, Snowpack, ESbuild, and so on.

Other than JavaScript, front-end designers likewise use HTML and CSS to both construct and enhance a site.

Full-stack engineers are designers who have both front-end and back-end advancement abilities.

No matter what the area of specialization, great engineers follow the kid/young lady scout rule: consistently leave the code better compared to what was handed down. What’s more, they accomplish this by utilizing apparatuses that upgrade efficiency, further develop code quality, encourage cooperation, and oversee specialized obligations.

There are many free full-stack web development courses that do a good job at teaching the skills that are at present in high demand. With the coming of Covid, numerous organizations and administrations are moving on the web; subsequently, expanding the requirement for web developers.

Subsequently, this present time is the best opportunity to learn full-stack web development — we should take a look at the sites and online platforms for learning web developer courses.

Here are a few of the platforms that provide the best courses for full-stack web development online:

1. AttainU

AttainU is one of India’s biggest online learning platforms that gives you many software programs and courses. From full-stack developer courses to guides for MySQL Database, it provides many web developer courses. Some of the many courses that it provides are Master Data Structures and Algorithms in Java, Complete guide to Ace the Technical Interviews, Complete Guide on Resume Preparation, Master NodeJS, Beginner’s guide to HTML 5, Beginner’s guide to CSS 3, Beginner’s guide to JavaScript, Beginner’s guide to MySQL Database, Coding for everybody in Python 3. x, Understanding basics of the terminal, and version control. 

Most of their courses are free and they are also in Hindi for everyone. AttainU is today one of the best platforms to upgrade your skills with good web developer courses.

2. Html Course with Certificate

AttainU provides a free online HTML course with a certificate. It includes Semantic, HTML, HTML5, HTML Tags in Depth, Audio Video Tags, Iframes, BoilerPlate. This course includes industry-grade coding sessions for a more job-aligned learning environment. 

3.Full Stack Developer Course With Placement

AttainU provides another very good course, a full-stack web developer course with a placement guarantee or money back. These kinds of web developer courses can be taken by beginners and it has an intensive training program with live sessions and 1:1 mentor doubt-solving. If you are a beginner and looking to make a career in IT, this is the right course for you. 

4. CSS3 Full Course

CSS3 Full Course is one of the free courses provided on the platform of AttainU. This included CSS Properties, Position, Flexbox, Live project, and Media Queries. This is a very elaborate course with 2+ hours of rich content. 

5. Beginner’s Guide to Best JavaScript Course

For a beginner who doesn’t want to invest but still learn some skills, this is the perfect course for you provided by AttainU. These web developer courses will include datatypes, declaration, functions, arrays, DOM, Loops, and Conditional Statements. This course has in-depth coverage of concepts. 

6. SQL Free Certification Course

full stack web development

This course from AttainU not just gives you free training but also certifies your learning here. This course will include Setup, DB Setup, My SQL, and CRUD Operations. This is again a very good course for a beginner. 

7. Python 3 for Beginners

AttainU’s python course is a very good course for beginners. It has quizzes, coding sessions, and 5+ hours of intensive learning material. Introduction Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, Functions, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Loops, Operators all these things will be covered in these web developer courses. 

8. Roadmap

Learning web improvement is a journey and for this, you would require a guide. Perhaps the greatest challenge faced by new developers while learning web advancement isn’t knowing where to begin, what to realize, or the way to accomplish their objectives.

Roadmap. sh is a community-driven work to make roadmaps, guides, and other instructive resources to assist with directing budding engineers in finding their way and guiding their learnings.

The roadmap gives downloadable visual content containing technologies, problem-solving abilities, skills, and all the necessary pieces to direct a noob engineer in their journey to web improvement.

9. Freecodecamp

Freecodecamp is a broad open-source web-based coding Bootcamp that offers free preparation and certification on a wide scope of web improvement abilities. A portion of the certificates presented by Freecodecamp are Web configuration, front-end improvement, Data Visualization, Back-end improvement and API, Machine Learning, Quality Assurance, Data Analysis, and Information Security, and that’s just the beginning.

With around 40,000 freeCodeCamp.org graduates, working in huge corporations from one side of the planet to the other, Freecodecamp is the most complete and broad web-based preparation resource on this rundown. Also, these web developer courses are free.

10. Codecademy

Codecademy is one more internet learning company that offers preparation on a wide assortment of programming skills like Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Kotlin, HTML, CSS, SQL, C++, Bash/Shell, and the sky’s the limit from there.

It offers free put-together preparation on some programming skills. Likewise, it includes a few very much organized paid star courses; customized towards building a lifelong career in tech.

11. Managing technical debt blog

Programming improvement isn’t just about website building highlights, additionally keeping a sound codebase and managing technical debt are equally important.

Overall, engineers spend 1 day/week on specialized obligations and support issues. Besides, specialized obligations also diminish camaraderie, cause dissatisfaction in the Engineering groups, and have a gigantic financial expense. The Stepsize group composes the Managing specialized obligation blog where they track down the best assets to figure out how to manage tech obligations:

Engineers Guide to Technical Debt

Become familiar with the meaning of specialized obligation and how to characterize it through computer programming.

Online course: How to manage tech obligation

Gain specialized obligation best practices and illustrations gained from 200+ designing groups.

Devices to Track and Manage Technical Debt

Track down the best instruments to oversee specialized debt for your group.

12. Scrimba

Scrimba is a progressive web-based learning platform that teaches web improvement with an intuitive screencast and live events. It highlights both free and paid minimal expense quality courses.

You can dive deeper into Scrimba by rehearsing with this intelligent screencast.

13. Codepen/challenges

Codepen is an open-source social advancement tool for front-end engineers. Codepen highlights a web-based content manager with help for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Codepen’s manifestations are called pens which can either be public or private – – – accessible just on paid plans.

As per the site, Codepen challenges are fun open doors for stepping up your abilities by building things. Every week, you’ll get another brief encompassing a month-to-month subject to riff on. The best Pens get picked and highlighted on the landing page!

14. W3Schools

full stack web development

W3School gives quite possibly the broadest free internet learning asset. It highlights instructional exercises on a wide scope of programming technologies like HTML, CSS, Python, SQL, PHP, and JavaScript courses for beginners and then some.

15. The Odin Project

Like Freecodecamp, the Odin Project is an open-source internet learning platform. It includes a full-stack educational program that would direct your way in your journey to web improvement.

The Odin Project preparation has three ways:

Establishment – – – where you become familiar with the rudiments of web advancement.

Full-stack Ruby on Rails – – – full-stack web improvement with Ruby on Rails back-end

Full-stack JavaScript – – – full-stack web improvement with JavaScript toward the front and back-end.

Picture portrayal

16. htmlreference.io and cssreference.io

These are incredible web skills learning assets that include HTML and CSS references from the maker of Bulma CSS.

17. Frontend Mentor

Here is one more web-based learning platform that steps up your web improvement abilities through challenges. Frontend Mentor highlights difficulties of various levels: amateur, junior, halfway and progressed. It is a thoroughly examined method for learning web improvement, and besides the fact that it gives difficulties, it likewise gives Figma configuration documents and streamlined picture resources.

18. Dev Challenges

Dev Challenges includes a huge assortment of assets and learning paths that assists you with hardening your web improvement abilities and developing your certainty by chipping away at various challenges.

It is not difficult to get everything rolling with Dev Challenges. You should simply pick a challenge, build the task alone or with a group, and present your answer.

19. MDN

As per their site, MDN Web Docs (known as MDN — the Mozilla Developer Network) is a learning advancement resource for Web innovations and the products that control the Web, including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Likewise, MDN highlights a learning philosophy zeroed in on showing the fundamentals of web development. The MDN resources give articles on a wide scope of web technologies like HTML, CSS, Git, Github, React, Ember, Angular, Vue, and Django, and that’s just the beginning. On the off chance that you are a novice who loves to read, this is a decent spot to begin your web improvement journey

20. Code Mentor

Code Mentor gives an incredible method for stepping up your web improvement expertise by drawing you in with genuine projects. You can likewise see the submissions on these projects to gain from others’ codes.

Likewise, Code Mentor offers a flourishing network of more than 12,000 engineers, where you can examine projects, and track down friends or one-on-one guides.


In this article, we have found out about web development courses and the different 20 web-based learning resources to learn web improvement.

Additionally, these resources utilize different showing strategies, like difficulties, games, online references, cookbooks, and recordings, and that’s just the beginning.

Pick the resource that turns out best for you. Spend the time required learning and building. Recollect that writing great quality code breeds more excellent programming and in addition a more noteworthy team and individual fulfillment. Sign in for more information

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