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5 Hacks You Need To Get An Internship in Web Development

The amount of people entering the field of web development continues to skyrocket, so developing yourself to be able to get a web development internship is crucial. Interns are 13% more likely to find full-time employment, and 60% of paid internships turn into full-time jobs. Web developers have one of the most coveted lives from various career perks which include high-paying salaries & flexible schedules with fun and challenging work. The number of perks related to the careers of software developers has created a strong interest in this career field. However, figuring out how to go from nothing to being a professional developer or even how to get an internship in web development can be a tedious and confusing journey.

internship in web development

While there are numerous ways to learn and progress, a web development internship is the most ideal work scenario as it offers real-world training and experience in both cultural and technical. As an intern, you get the opportunity to have a close look at the industry standards on a professional team without having the expectations or the pressure of a seasoned developer.

Whether you’ve got your degree in web development or not or if you’re still studying, it is crucial to gain the skills required for a web development internship. But, getting a web developer internship or a web developer job with no experience before can be very difficult.

Now, to get a web design internship, one needs to be well-versed in popular languages, functions, frameworks, databases, operating systems, and hosting services. If you’re thinking about how to bag a web developer internship or a web developer job, look no further.

Before we get into the details of how to get a web development internship online let’s first understand what web development is. Web development refers to the jobs related to building websites for various products and services and hosting them via the internet. It consists of web design, web content development, server-side scripting, and network security configuration. A Web developer not only creates a website but also writes web scripts in various programming languages.

It is almost like a mandate for a student to gain some practical work experience, which will provide them with knowledge of popular programming languages, databases, frameworks, operating systems, and hosting services. Getting a web development internship for students in this area will help them achieve their goals with an opportunity to assist full-stack developers in their assigned projects. Also, they can go for freelancing projects.

Check Out The Following Tips If You’re Trying To Figure Out How To Land A Web Development Internship!

  • Construct a significant portfolio

    When you apply for a web developer internship resume or your online portfolio is the first thing the recruiters will look at. The resume should be very impressive where it reflects your skills. The candidates must not forget that their portfolio should be strong, clean, and something that gives them an edge over the crowd.


  • Do commercial projects for freelance web development

    It’s always recommended to have more experience which can be through some freelance web development projects or some web developer internship remote jobs or as they say a web developer internship work from home will help you to build your skills and your resume. The projects can range from small scale to large scale and it depends on the requirements of the client you are working for. Students that are interested to work on freelance projects can join various Facebook groups and other communities or you can even check out websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, etc.

  • Redesign prominent brand logos and websites

    One of the easiest ways to build a strong portfolio is to re-design logos and websites of your favorite or some of the most famous brands, this can help you to land that web developer internship job easily.

  • Contribute your program code to GitHub

    One way a student can prove their skills is by showing the employers your best code by signing in on account of GitHub. Along with this, make sure your contributions to GitHub are consistent and regular, and of good quality so that it reflects on your web developer internship resume.

  • Work on an open-source development

    Open source refers to the source code that is publicly available and can be altered by anyone. Many open-source projects are used on Rails, Linux, MySQL, and Java Scripts. A student can find many open source projects on Explore GitHub. Doing such projects will help the student to strengthen their development skills and get hands-on working with teams.

  • Get involved in a hackathon

    A hackathon is an exciting way to get acquainted with many other tech people who share similar interests. It will not just help you solve problems but will also help you to learn from others’ mistakes and test to also your coding skills. But to even participate in this the prerequisite is that the student must have coded with a team. Working with a team of coders is one of the best experiences and this will also make you more engaging with the hiring managers at your web developer intern interview questions.

  • Finding front end internship in web development

    Once your portfolio is finished, the next step is to hunt for decent internships and apply for them. You’ll find internships of different kinds ranging from the ones that will pay you well for your hard work to some that don’t to some front-end web developer internships to back-end internships. But internships are very crucial as they give the students hands-on experience in the real world and help them shine their skills brighter.


Depending upon the company’s roles and responsibilities or even perks the student that is headed for a web developer internship will vary and some of the few roles that will be assigned are the following prospective tasks:

  • Matching visual design intent
  • Search engine optimization
  • Creating and maintaining software documentation
  • Assembling data from various back-end services and databases
  • To create a website layout/user interface
  • Write well-designed, testable, efficient code
  • Responsible for maintaining, and expanding websites


It’s not a difficult task to get a web development internship and the above-mentioned tips should help you to bag an internship opportunity in a good firm. And if you ever find yourself having to understand or stimulate a large codebase, don’t worry, take a deep breath and start small. Start by understanding smaller portions of the code before you leap onto the bigger sections. And also, look through all the pull requests from the developers in your team or other teams to give you a good understanding of how they code and contribute.

From a technical standpoint, matching up to speed with a new company can be challenging early in your web design internship. The codebase can very well be significantly larger than anything you’ve done in your class or anything that you have worked on before. There may also be various practices that you have worked on before but are not used in their company or many such situations.

This is exactly why the value of an internship is truly ascertained. The student will also be able to receive 1-on-1 sessions with senior engineers and be encouraged to be curious or to keep asking questions. The students will get to learn and contribute to their fullest abilities.

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