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6 JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks You Should Know About

With the advent of website technology, the developers also have to update themselves. As JavaScript is the primary programming language, most developers prefer it for front-end and backend web development. There are numerous libraries and frameworks available in JavaScript that make the process of creating websites easier. Hence in-depth knowledge of JavaScript frameworks and libraries is the key to becoming a web developer for developing excellent and well-to-do websites. 


Today every job demands more resources, especially in the web development field. In order to compete with the world, one has to add new skills to their bucket list. These days learning Javascript framework is in trend and if you are really interested in your career growth then make sure you enroll yourself in the complete JavaScript course at AttainU.


There are different types of programming languages but Javascript is one of the most demanding languages. Javascript is the language that supports functional, event-driven, prototype-based programming styles and object-oriented styles. Not only used for the client side, but JavaScript also works very efficiently as the server-side language. For this reason, JS has gained familiarity with the tag “language of the web.” JavaScript is famous for having varied frameworks and libraries accessible.


Here is the list of usable most used javascript frameworks


jQuery is simplified JS programming that is very easy to use and learn. jQuery, being highly extensible, makes web pages load speedily, wrapping around enormous standard functions to make the task of developers easy, accurate, and fast. Besides, it also incorporates multiple plugins that perform various tasks. There are different features of jQuery accessible such as DOM\HTML manipulation, CSS manipulation, effects and animations, HTML events, and AJAX. The top of the talk is how jQuery handles browser compatibility issues, which makes it integrate effortlessly. 



React JS is another one of the popular javascript libraries for web development that Jordan Walke developed on Facebook. It provides the predictable core and debugging to front-end developers. You can call it the most effective way to create and use the dynamic UI of your designed site to generate high traffic. 

Apart, it renders the service through power mobile nodes and apps by React Native. Therefore, React JavaScript is one of the best javascript libraries for UI, enabling you to develop faster, more powerful, user-friendly, and reactive web apps. Most companies are diverging to React library due to its easy access and simplification. AttainU prepares you with the best javascript frameworks so that you can build your career in the current field easily. 



Angular is the most robust and easiest javascript framework that was redesigned in the year 2016. After React, most of the users kept AngularJS aside, which is the reason behind redesigning Angular by Google as a totally different framework. Sharing similar names, there is a difference between AngularJS and Angular based on their functionalities. Developers develop progressive web pages quickly due to dependency injections offered by Angular to assemble data. Besides, it supports the extensive ecosystem that involves 4 data libraries as well.

The best part is the availability of an end-to-end framework with full support for creating enterprise-grade web apps for users. It adds more value for those with major user experience and UI concerns. Henceforth, it is worth learning Angular for developing single-page and fast-performing apps.

Javascript frameworks


Being one of the best in the open-source javascript frameworks list, Vue.js came into existence to improve front-end framework features like Angular and React. It involves virtual DOM such as React and two-way binding such as Angular. Having a flexible architecture, Vue.js  focuses on declarative rendering and component composition. Additionally, it has an integrated integration feature through which developers can make PWAs and SPAs effectively. 

You can say Vue.js is one of the most used javascript frameworks that enable developers to extend HTML attributes called directives that offer proper functionality to HTML apps. These directives can be built-in or user-defined as per convenience, which is why Vue.js is the perfect framework for beginners.



If you are focusing on developing suitable digital content, Pixi.js is the open-source, cross-platform 2D engine that is useful for creating games. Besides, it also helps to develop animated and interactive websites. Disney is the most common and popular example that uses Pixi for creating its digital content. 

Pixi uses WebGL for its highly efficient performance as the super-fast rendering engine. It is straightforward and sturdy because it transforms the functionality of complex functions into a ready-to-use and simple execution. 


If you are concerned about finding out one of the best javascript libraries for UI, SWFObject is the simple and robust JS library. It helps embed flash SWF files in HTML documents. No other media types can be implemented using this where it supports SWF files only. Available in two options, SWFObject has dynamic publishing and static publishing to add up to the markups. JS must be allowed on the users’ browser, where this library has numerous utility functions to do various jobs like utilities to work with DOM or to determine the latest version of the installed flash player.


Wrapping Up

JavaScript acts as a fantastic programming language that comes up with different libraries and frameworks. So it is good to learn various top javascript frameworks to become a skilled web developer. That’s why we have picked remarkable frameworks and libraries that you should know, for creating unique web applications. All these Javascript frameworks and libraries play vital roles in front-end and backend development to get a suitable job and be good for career growth in the long run. If you are willing to get deep knowledge and gain skills, ensure to complete a highly guaranteed job course of full stack development from AttainU. 

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