6 Months College ?

Divyam Goel
Divyam Goel

We are often asked the question “How can you teach in 6 months what an engineering college is supposed to teach in 4 years ?”.

To answer this question, let’s first understand how the college curriculum is set up in India.
Year 1 - Common across all departments. This is when students are given exposure to different engineering disciplines.
Year 2 - Comprises of two introductory courses from your specific major, one in each semester. All the other courses are again common across all departments.
Year 3 - The meat of college education. This is when all the core department related courses are done.
Year 4 - The first half is about placements. The second half is either about placements or about partying if the student is already placed.
Having understood the above, the question now becomes “Can you teach in 6 months what a college teaches in 3rd Year ?”
Well, of course, for starters we don’t have a semester system. We have continuous 6 months, instead of two four-month semesters.
We provide industry aligned education. We skip the theoretical aspects of a college curriculum, dive deeper into the practical bits. This allows us to move away from a lecture-centric delivery to a learner-centric delivery. We take advantage of applied learning i.e. learning by doing. Our courses are intensive, high touchpoint courses. They require at least 8 hours of effort per day. Our teachers and teaching assistants make sure that students get immediate support. This outcome-focused approach allows us to deliver better learning outcomes in a more time-effective way.
Education in India is about employment. At AttainU everything we do is from a career first perspective. Our curriculum is built in-house in close collaboration with tech leaders from the industry solving for the hiring and on-boarding challenges of the industry. Hiring being the biggest challenge industry faces and the number of unemployable college graduates is the biggest contradiction in India. We use the latest languages and tech stacks to drive through a deep understanding of software engineering fundamentals. Fresher hiring is based on a practical understanding of these fundamentals.
We are changing the paradigm of research aligned education to an industry aligned education. All our teachers and teaching assistants are software engineers first. As a first principle fundamental it’s necessary for a teacher to know the subject matter really well before they can teach it to someone.
In the next article, we will cover why the college curriculum is set up in this way and what are the other challenges in the Indian higher education system.