AM-VAPP - Project by Rishabh and Anup


What is the project?

The app is providing video streaming and uploading services for any user. The app is just like YouTube but its built for specific contents. User can visit as a guest to stream all the Anime Music Video others have created or uploaded or the user can also make their own channel and upload their creations as well. The feature includes subscribing to channels, commenting on videos, bookmarking videos, searching video , uploading video and also capturing/uploading video thumbnails.


The technologies used to build the app: 

The technologies used in this project are as follows. 

  •  NodeJs for backend -express web framework 
  •  PostgresSQL for database 
  •  React for frontend 
  •  Firebase Admin SDK(Storage Cloud functions) 
  •  Deployment on Heroku(NodeJs App) and Netlify(Client-side) 

Packages used in this project are as follows:- 

  • Validator (for validating form data) 
  • bcryptjs (for hashing password) 
  • body-parser (for parsing incoming body requests) 
  • gravatar (for default profile pictures 
  • JsonWebToken (for identifying users) 
  • moment (for dealing with time) 
  • Sequelize(ORM) 
  • BusBoy(To upload multi-part data) 
  • Axios (to handle api calls) 
  • React-Image-Cropper(To crop image uploaded in required dimensions) 
  • Redux (for managing states of react components) 


Improvement that can be done on the project? 

There are lots of scope of improvement in this project but the major ones are 

  • Shifting the storage to AWS S3 
  •  Adding Create playlist option to logged users to make playlist of their favourite videos 
  • Adding likes to videos and comments 
  • Comment Replies 
  • User Preferred Videos