ANTIQUE E-COMMERCE - project by Neha and Vipul



About the project :

Antiques E-Commerce is a restful API (backend) where the users can view products, filter products from flexible filtration options, search products by any keyword, add and remove products from Wishlist or cart and buy antique products from a range of antiques. We have the antiques of five different categories which are: Watches, Furniture, Ceramics, Sculptures and Jewelleries.

Technologies used :

  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • Node Mailer (for email sending), 
  • Mongoose
  • Sequelize 
  • Cloudinary (for image storage)
  • Bcrytjs (for password encryption)
  • Jwt (for generating tokens) ,
  • Sql (elephantSQL),
  • Nosql (mongodb)

Future Scope :

  • We are planning to Add the feature in which sellers can also register and add products.
  • Will be Converting this API to a fully-fledged website and mobile app.
  • Add features like payment options and passport js.
  • Foreign currency options so that users outside India can also buy products.
  • Updating stock availability for each product.