Balaji Kamalesan's Placement Story


  Interview Experience of the company you got placed in?

Actually its like very easy for me that i got this interview i got the details of the company from indeed so i applied to them what happened was i just had a small technical test that is written test i took an online test and after one week the cto of company mailed me that i got selected after that i thought i will have many technical interviews but the reality i didnt get any technical interviews there were only two personal interview one was taken by the lead developer and other one with production manager so both of them were really awesome and i got the job.

 What does it take to get a job in current scenario?

Ya actually there are many remote jobs available for example my company doesnt have any developers from chennai before so they wanted to make a remote connections so many people from different companies are continuing their remote works. So i think like we are getting a better oppourtunity currently but after this covid situation we didnt have much more oppourtunites. 

 Which platform/s are most useful to search and get the jobs?

Indeed is quite good for south indian companies i think so i didnt get any detailed about north indian companies and one more is so from both platform i applied and i got lot of interviews from there. I got interviewed from about 13 - 14 companies.

 Was AttainU's course helpful for you? If yes how?

All the comapnies i attended ask for react developer jobs actually so currently there are lot of jobs regarding react js and node ds. Attainu course helped alot.

Course curriculum Feedback?

I founded very helpful it started from the basic we have to practise also from our side to get the perfection Also being mentor at AttainU helped me alot because i was correcting peoples and the same time i was also learning too. When i was correcting others i need to be correct about what i was talking so from there i learnt alot. It was a game changing part for me. One of the important thing is attainu taught me dsa which was very awesome.

Any advice for the AttainU grads looking for the jobs?

Actually to be frank i was working before that with the package of around 4lap. If you are passoinate about being a developer and you want to do something in code perfectly you have to learn what is industry or struggling. Your college might have taught you what is there but this course will take you to advance level for the package of 6 to 7.