BAZAAR - Project by Kartik and Prasoon



Live Project Link | GitHub Link

What are we trying to build?
Bazaar is on online P2P (person to person) marketplace somewhat like a classified where users can buy and sell items

  • list items with the price
  • list items within their category and city
  • wishlist an item
  • send quotations on item
  • signup as a new user
  • login
  • use google OAuth for login and signup
  • user can edit their profile

Why did we choose to work on this?
The reason why we selected this project is that it involves a fair amount of database operations like creating, updating, deleting records and it also involves uploading and deleting files from the server moreover it's market-relevant.

Technologies used and why?

  • React for interactive nature
  • Redux for managing application state
  • Redux-thunk for return a function instead of an action object
  • React-google-login for OAuth login
  • Axios for API calls 
  • Jwt-decode for decoding jwt token
  • Redux-persist for saving state object to persisted storage.
  • Reselect for caching on localstorage


  • Node.js for JavaScript runtime environment 
  • Express Framework
  • Uploading and storing images - Multer with Cloudinary
  • Database - MongoDB Atlas
  • Deployment - Heroku  
  • Bcryptjs - for hashing password
  • Jsonwebtoken - for Authorisation
  • Passport - for Authentication

Future Improvements

  • chatbox for interaction between buyer and seller
  • promotion of items
  • adding multiple cities and categories