Best software training with placement guarantee

Best Software Training with Placement Guarantee

So you want software training with placement? The statistics are on your side – around 50% of students report being employed as developers after graduation. But did you know that many software courses with job guarantee go one step further and offer a job guarantee? We’ve put together a list of physical classes/courses and online android software development or python developer program or just any software training courses which offer guaranteed job placement. We’ve also included specifics about job guarantee courses’ quality, conditions, and tips to help you find just the right software training program with a job guarantee.

  1. What is a software course with placement?
  2. Why choose a coding course with guaranteed job placement?
  3. What to watch out for when you see a “job guarantee”
  4. Which coding courses have a job guarantee?
  5. In-person or physical courses with a job guarantee
  6. Online coding classes with a job guarantee

 A)  What is a software testing course with a job guarantee?

Many software training with job guarantees today offer a full or partial tuition refund if you are not able to find a job within a said amount of time after you graduate from their institute. However, when selecting a job guarantee course be a little careful as these institutes and academies offering job guarantees are usually very different from each other when it comes to course quality and placement outcomes. The parameters to consider may be anything from the background of instructors to the depth of curriculum covered – be sure to find out about all such parameters before enrolling.

While some institutes offer software courses with job guaranteed employment or apprenticeships with their parent company, others don’t take fees or you don’t pay them anything until you get placed or you can find a job, it’s more like free software training and placement.

B) Why choose the best software courses with job guarantee?

There are several reasons to choose software training with a job guarantee:

  • You want an assurance that you’ll get help in finding a job
  • You are often worried about investing in software for training and development and not finding a job
  • You have heard stories of other people who have not found jobs after training or even after doing some of the best software courses

C) What are the things you should watch out for when you see software training with a ‘job guarantee?

  • Do you have all of the graduation requirements that are required by them (i.e.. final exams, project work, time commitment)?
  • Are you able to repeat or do you have access to only a section of the course or the entire course?
  • Are there any prerequisites to be eligible to qualify for the job guarantee? (i.e.. city you live in, English skills, college degree, age, etc)
  • Some institutes provide a list of potential employers, some don’t, but since the course can last 3, 6, or 12 months, we can only say what kinds of jobs we can expect, for example, “With this kind of training, our former students were able to find jobs in junior front-end development jobs with so and so salary package”.
  • If you want to you can choose from the full range of the job market, especially if you don’t like the constraints imposed by these job guarantee offers then it’s not necessary to accept them.
  • Of course, the training institutions offer these guarantees because they have their network of contracts and educational standards, and the vast majority of their graduates (often more than 95%) get accepted for a job by the end of the course or curriculum.
  • Students should check the quality and background of instructors at these training institutions. Especially the off-line training institutions are not able to tap into the best coding minds primarily located out of metro cities.
  • A student should verify if the training Institute is going to be providing a referral to companies for placements or if they have placement tie-ups with companies. Referral means getting the resume forwarded via an employee of the company. Whereas a Placement tie-up is a partnership between the institute and the company for the hiring of the graduates from the institute.
  • What percentage of classes are going to be conducted live online versus recorded? Many institutes claim good instructors but then a lot of the classes are recorded. Recorded classes don’t allow for an opportunity to get your doubts cleared.
  • Many institutes do rigorous pre-screening and only select candidates who already know how to code. Such institutes are not good for beginners. They are more like finishing schools for people who already know how to code and are looking for help for cracking the interviews.
  • Duration of the courses and the promised job outcome. Many institutes provide very short-duration courses and promise high packages as the outcome. Coding is a hard premium skill to learn and it takes time. It’s important to be wary of institutes offering short-duration courses and promising high attractive packages upon graduation.
  • Percentage of students to get Placement-many institutes would list out the top placements on the website at premium companies. However, it’s equally if not more important to understand what percentage of students graduating from the institute got placements.
  • The curriculum covered in the course-many institutes aligns their curriculum only towards cracking the interviews. However, to become a software engineer means to be able to code and develop software. It’s important to select a training Institute that covers software engineering in-depth and not only the tips and tricks required to crack interviews.
  • Off-line institutes are only able to provide limited job opportunities from the same geographical location. Whereas online institutes can tap into the pan India job market.
  • Institutes that don’t charge any amount, in the beginning, have a problem with non-serious students. Since there is no commitment from the students towards the course so not all students in the batch are equally serious about putting in the efforts required for learning. This ends up causing many disruptions in the batch including in the group projects.

D) Which are the best software courses with job guarantee?

Online courses are way more convenient and of higher quality than physical or offline classes. So you should be considering the job guarantee courses from online schools more. Online courses with money-back guarantees include AttainU, Simplilearn, and CRB Tech among many others. Check out the comprehensive list of courses that offer you a job guarantee below:


Course name: Full Stack Developer Course With Placement

Fees- 62,000 rupees | Online course | India 

Revolutionary Full Stack Developer Course with Job Guarantee(18 LPA Highest Salary, 6.5 LPA Average Salary)

Duration- 7 months

100 % Placement Guarantee or Money Back*


Course name: Sales and Business Development Course

Fees- 37,000 rupees | Online course | India

Training program on HR, Marketing & Business Development / Sales Skills (7 LPA Highest Salary, 4 LPA Average Salary)

Duration- 4 months

100 % Placement Guarantee or Money Back*


Course name: Python Developer Program

Fees- 95,000 | Online

Duration- 12 months

After 6 Months candidate will get a Stipend/ Salary up to 8000 /- Per Month

100% Placement Guarantee with 1st day Offer Letter.

CRB Tech

Course name: Java Training and Placement Program

Fees- 20,000 + GST | Online

Duration- 4 months

Job Guarantee with average salary ranging between 2 LPA to 9 LPA. 


Course name: Full Stack Java Developer

Fees- 1,05,999 | Online

Duration-6 months

Complete the course to get a guaranteed job with an average pay of 6.7 LPA.


Course name: UI-UX Designer Program

Fees-95,000 upfront | Online

Duration- 12 months

After 6 Months candidate will get a Stipend/ Salary up to 8000 /- Per Month

100% Placement Guarantee with 1st day Offer Letter.


Course name- Full-Stack Developer Bootcamp

Fees- 78,800 | Online

Duration- 4 months

100% Job Placement Support

Network Bulls

Course name- CCIE Enterprise Integrated

Fees- 1,00,000 | Online

Duration- 4 months

100% Placement Guarantee with starting package of 4.5-5.5 LPA.


Course Name- Full Stack Web Development

Fees- 1,20,000 | Online

Duration- 6 months

Get 100% support from our dedicated placement team till you get placed


These courses are so updated in their curriculum and courses that they don’t just provide you with top-level skills and technologies but also train you on how to get a software job. These courses take care of you wholly like a 360° care center, that all-in-one kind of thing. But although they provide you software for training and development with a job guarantee, you have to be careful with the conditions that come with it, some guarantee a job offer and not a job. So, it is for us to read and understand all the conditions thoroughly before enrolling into or choosing from a plethora of courses available to use on the internet and in schools and institutes. 

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