Big Buy project by Nagarjun and Gorisab


Big Buy

The E-Commerce API is a RESTFUL web service to search, filter and find the best products
and order them to your doorstep seamlessly. User will have separate access to store update
and track their orders with this easy interface.

The Goal of this project is to define API systems, discuss their implementation and through
case study and analyzing the implementation. of this system at a large scale and increased
Quality and quantity of features.

The Technologies used for the project are,
Back End : Node.js , Express, Mongoose , Sequelize , Cloudinary, nodemialer
Cloud Platform : Mongo Atlas , POSTGRESQL, heroku

End Points of API:
Admin Routes
Admin login:POST:""

Admin post product:POST:"https://big-"

Big Buy

Admin Blocking user:PATCH:"https://big-"

Admin unBlocking user:PATCH:"https://big-"

Admin Update Product:PATCH:"https://big-"

Admin All products:GET:"https://big-"

Admin All users:GET:"https://big-"

Admin All Orders:GET:"https://big-"

Admin Logout:DELETE:""

Admin Delete product:DELETE:"https://big-"

User Routes
User Registration:POST:""
User login:POST:""

User forgot password:POST:"https://big-"

User upload profile pic:PATCH:"https://big-"

User edit password:POST:""
User Products:GET:"https://big-"

User search By ID:GET:"https://big-"

User filetr products:GET:"https://big-"

Big Buy

User cart:GET:""
User logout:DELETE:""
user delete order:DELETE:""

Future Goals:
1. Checkout With Online payment wallet .
2. Mobile OTP login .
3. login via google/facebook/instagram/twitter .
4. customer support system .
5. review and ratings system .
6. Mobile application implementation . location mapping .

We would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to my instructor Manish
mahant sir as well as our mentor Manas Ranjan who gave us this opportunity which really
made us to dive in and research and re-do.