Bitcoin-Notification - project by Harpreet Singh



How to use the software:

Step 1 :Enter the sender name
Step 2:Enter the sender email Adress
Step 3:Enter Password
Step 4:Enter the recipient email adress
Step 5: Enter the Alert price
Step6: You will automatically receive updates according to the options

Description of the software:

I have made a software which notifies the user via email using smtp and various email service providers server along with the realtime graph attached on it also a telegraph update with the email .

I have used quandl to update the graph everytime and multiple modules to make the project work efficiently . Modules such as pandas, statsmodels are use to fetch the graph realtime.

Coming upto the email, I have used requests, time , email.mime modules for the basic function of email example to write body attach text,attachment while sending the email.

Brief Working:

Further in order to make the graph in localhost and attach it to the email I have used matplotlib, statsmodels to create graph in realtime in local host and used plt command to make and save the graph to first save in local machine.
Further as soon as the graph is prepared I have used smtplib module to create server and given user all option to send the email from his email ID. Basically in this software both sender's as well as recipient email adress is required to send the email so there is no default sender's email address which makes this software to be used by different user without setting up again and again.


Once the user input are provided such as email,password, name software automatically creates a body email fetching the current price if bitcoin along with graph and telegraph page and sends it to the user if the current price is less than user alert price . Once it is dont there is sleep time of 3 minutes and send the price again if price is below user alert price and on 2nd instance there is a sleep time of 5 mins which ensures that there is regular price updates to the user.
In telegram user can check out the predictions of future bitcoin price. And gives an update when the rate is higher than the user input Moreover user can subscribe for the telegram services via graph as well and regular update of prices will be given to the user. Also there is a protection given to the user who will be sending the mail so whenever he login through the server in password section the password won't be visible for security purpose.
This done via getpass module which will dynamically fetch the password from command line

Tools used:

1)Vs code
2)Telegram bot

Modules Used:



It will send anotification to user email adress if current price of bitcoin is less than user defined price otherwise it will update on telegram  

Github Link: