Bitcoin Price Notifier Project by Amrit Jyoti Kerketta


Bitcoin Price Notifier


The aim of this project is to notify the user about Bitcoin price when some conditions meet. Conditions such as if the price of the Bitcoin falls below a threshold price and regular price updates at regular intervals. This program gives the above mentioned functionality.


The architecture used in the project :

  • A client software which will retrieve the latest price of bitcoin using API
  • Latest price will then be passed to the program
  • Program will check the condition and will give data back to the user.
  • Program will send notification


Implementation :

Client software is written using python version 3 

Using the help of API and the request library the data is fetched from the API and the latest price is gathered .

The program will ask for certain parameters : 

  • The threshold price that has to be set (default is 10000 USD)
  • The currency in which the data is to be seen( default is USD - Dollars)
  • The crypto currency whose price has to be fetched (default is BTC - Bitcoin)
  • The notification platform (default is Telegram)

After taking the parameters the program checks the condition. The program will then send out the notification  to the user if the conditions are meet using the help of IFTTT services


The project was very interesting and learnt a lot about different technologies such as IFTTT , python requests library , webhooks .

Demo :