BlogApp - A Web App for Blogging

BlogApp - A Web App for Blogging

Blog App

Stage 1 Project (Out of 3 Stages)

This project was developed by AttainU Students.

Live project link

GitHub Project link It is a Blog application (website) where in this application people can post and read the articles which all are posted and even the people can comment in the articles. We have an Admin module where the admin has to approve the article then only that article will be posted in this application. Admins can reject the article if they found that article inappropriate and even the Admin can request the author for changes in the article. The author is none other than the user who is posting the article. Here the Author can see the number of views per article which he posted in the dashboard and even the author can edit his articles which they posted.

Technologies used:

For front-end part:






For back-end:




Multer(for image processing)

quills js (text editor)

Chart js (analytics)

Npm Packages – node mailer

We used HTML, CSS and Bootstrap for the Front-End Design.

We used JavaScript as client-side scripting language.

MongoDB for DataBase

Handlebars for keeping HTML pages simple and clean and decoupled from the logic-based JavaScript files.

Multer for image processing.

Quills js for the text editor

Chart js for User post views and analytics part

Node mailer is used to send the status of the article to the author through the mail.


What are we trying to build?

We are trying to build a BlogApp which it must be useful for the peoples to share their thoughts and some interesting news through articles by posting and even it must be useful for the people who all are looking for some new articles.


Why did we choose to work on this?

We choose this project because we thought that will be useful for us to learn some new things by developing these kinds of applications and even it will be a good chance for us to showcase our skills so that it will be helpful for the people who all are looking for these kinds of applications


Future Scope of Improvement?

we are planning to add some new features in the future like Signup validation, forgot password, Development in Ui&Ux , To Add Likes and Dislikes module,etc..


Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3

Demo 4