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BookMyTicket – A ticketing portal

BookmyTicket is a ticketing portal, which provides the users to book a ticket for their favourite plays, concerts and sports, we are proud to bring them all to you. Our primary focus has been delivering the very best entertainment experience to the customers. The best in cinema often trace their roots to the theatre. We at BookMyTicket want to make a tradition in supporting the theatrical arts. By selling tickets for plays and stand-up acts, we have sought to bring culture closer to the masses. In the grand scheme of things, we feel that there is nothing like watching the curtain go and watching the show. After all, the show must go on… we provide innovative e-ticketing products/solutions and superb services with ease to make our user’s experience surprisingly simple, fast and pain-free.

Live Project Link | GitHub Link

What are we trying to build?
We are trying to build an innovative e-ticketing products/solutions. Where a user can book tickets for the latest movies, plays and concerts.

Why did we choose to work on this?
The reason why we have chosen this project is that we want to make an excellent UI experience using REACT based components, which also helps us to Learn and create components based Applications.

Technologies used and why?
FRONTEND: React.js
BACKEND: Express JS(Server-side framework), Node JS, Postgresql(relational database), Javascript

Future scope of improvement?
– Implementation of payment gateway
– To populate video trailers on particular movies.
– UI improvements


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