Career Door - A job portal


What is the project?
Career Door is a website similar to glassdoor, which displays reviews of companies, information about companies, their salaries etc as well as allows to add your own credentials as well.

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Which technologies have we used in this project?

  1. React for frontend designing.
  2. Postgres for the backend.
  3. Express, body-parser, Cloudinary, bcrypt, jsonwebtoken, sequelize, chalk, cors, multer on server-side these are few dependencies we used.
  4. Bootstrap, mdbreact, reactstrap, react-redux, react toastify, redux-thunk, react-router-dom are few dependencies for enhanced frontend user experience and state management.
  5. PostgresSQL for the database.
  6. Node.js for the backend.

 What problems did we faced in our project ?

  • We had limited time constraint to implementing the project so we couldn’t include more functionalities like showing graph, displaying random data.
  • Connecting backend with the frontend for the authenticated user was little tricky and we used JWT token to solve this.

What features can be added in future versions?

  • A page which displays a graph of ratings given by the user.
  • Separate functionalities for recruiter and job seeker for better user experience.
  • Social media connecting functionality.
  • Login using google or Facebook id.
  • Display articles related to jobs/motivation posters etc.
  • Monetization for advertisement display.