CARMARKET - project by Prakash Jayaswal and Shashidhar Rao



About the project :

CarMaret is a web app developed over car API. We will Create car API to fetch Car Details. Cars API monitor thousands of cars and give you the best result according to need.

Technologies Used :

❏ Express.js ❏ JWT Tokens ❏ bcryptjs ❏ Body-Parser ❏ Cors ❏ Dotenv ❏ morgan ❏ multer ❏ nodemon ❏ mongoose ❏ Cloudinary ❏ nodemailer ❏ Sequelize Main

Features :

1. Login

● Validation for input fields. ● Requires email and password for every registration. ● Alerts if the credentials are wrong. ● JWT Token gives after successful login.

2. Registration/SignUp

● Validation for input fields. ● Requires unique email for every registration. ● Alerts when a user not enter a valid email. ● Passwords with special characters, uppercase and numerical characters for security purposes. ● If the Registration is done then give a message. ● Now the User can Login with these Credentials.

3. Verification Email

● After Registration a verification mail sent to user ● User click on this email and then he will be able to login. ● This email verifies that the user email address is active. ● Without this verification user can not login to the website.

4. Profile

● User login Authentication is required to access the profile of that user. ● User can access his details.

5. Change Password

● User can change his password through this route. ● this route needed his email ,old password and new password.

6. Cars

● All cars are displayed on the main page. ● Redirected to the Car Details Page on-click of card. ● User Login is not mandatory.

7. Sell

● In this route user can sell his/her car. ● This route ask for details of car ● User has to fill in those details. ● After all of this user can submit the form and the user receives the message. ● Here user also have to upload the carImage. ● Authentication is required to access this Route.

8. Update Car

● In this Route users can update his car details. ● This route needs authentication. ● Route takes property name and value as input.

9. Fetch Particular Car

● In this Route user can fetch a particular car details. ● This route is to search the id or cars in the database and give the car details as a result.


● User can search by any car brand which contains alphabetic and numerical characters. ● Car is filtered by searching the query in title and displayed on the homepage. ● User Login is not mandatory.(no need authentication)

11.Delete Car

● User can Delete the car through this route.

12.Fetch All Orders

● User can fetch all the orders. ● This Route needed Authentication.

13.Create An Order

● User can Delete the car through this route. ● This will ask for the userId and Car ID. ● This Route needed Authentication.

14.Fetch Order By Id

● User can fetch Particular Order By id. ● This Route needed Authentication.

15.Delete Order By ID

● User can Delete the order through this route. ● This Route needed Authentication.