common interview questions and answers for freshers

Common Interview Questions And Answers for Freshers

In this article, we will assist you with getting ready for your interviews by drilling down the most widely recognized interview questions and answers for freshers asked, alongside their sample replies.

This article will be helpful for whoever is looking to practice a little before going for the interviews because we have some basic interview questions and answers for freshers and even hr questions and answers for freshers, which will be very beneficial in your interview and for some extra help look-up AttainU’s complete guide to ace an interview.

Common interview questions and answers for freshers:


Question 1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

This is one of the common HR questions for freshers that interviewees generally pose to applicants. The idea is to really take a look at your relational abilities and line of reasoning. It is one of the most well-known questions for freshers. Here, you really want to discuss your background that has added to upskilling yourself. You can likewise talk momentarily about your identity personally, where you are from and have been, and your schooling.


Ensure that you cover this in 2-3 minutes.

Give a response that the interviewer won’t find in your resume.

Discuss your achievements and abilities.

Sample Answer:

Let me start by thanking you for setting aside time for this interview. My name is Aurora Rose, and I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism in May of this current year from Madras University.

I picked the field of Journalism since it has been a dream of mine to be an essayist. As I had taken up English as my principal subject in high school optional, I realized that pursuing Journalism would give me a much more extensive degree.

During the course, classes like Communication and Mass Communication, Writing for Media, Public Relations and Lifestyle, and Travel Journalism, to give some examples, have assisted me with upgrading my composition and exploration abilities.

I have been informed that I have an innovative brain, and regardless of the subject, whether it’s governmental issues or IT, I have a skill for conducting thorough research and composing fact-based, easy-to-understand articles. I have composed a couple of articles for sports and style online sites, and I have likewise won some composing competitions, which I have also referenced in my resume.

My dream is to become an effective Content Writer, making my way to writing for a national reach media outlet in a few years.


Question 2. What pastimes do you enjoy?

The interviewer will also want to find out about your personality and check whether your character qualities will fit within the organization’s culture or not. When preparing for this question think through your leisure activities and try to make sense of how they help you in fostering your range of abilities. The below model will assist you with addressing this question.


Attempt to make sense of your side interests in a way where they assist you with showcasing your abilities.

Sample Answer:

Aside from composing, I love to peruse and sit in front of the network shows since I trust that, as people, we can never truly quit learning, and anything I read or watch generally shows me something new. For example, because of the police procedural wrongdoing shown in the TV series Criminal Minds, I currently have a strong fascination with human brain research. I’m right now perusing The 11 Laws of Likability by Michelle Tillis Lederman, which discusses individuals in the business world.


interview questions and answers for freshers

Question 3. How much do you know about this company?

This is one of the top HR interview questions for freshers. Here, the interviewer wants to find out whether you are truly keen on being a part of the organization and see whether you have gotten your background work done, which is doing all necessary investigation prior to showing up for the interview. A devoted and proficient up-and-comer should continuously explore the organization and the position they are applying for before the interview.


Attempt to have good insights into the organization.

Appear passionate about what the organization does, however, don’t overdo it.

Sample Answer:

You are one of the greatest product-promoting organizations in Delhi, with first-class customers. Established in 2012 by Mr. Akash Nigam and Srobhona Goswami, the organization presently takes care of different areas – from FMCG to fashion, and SAS to IT. The surveys I have conducted with the two clients make me feel confident that I will be able to both contribute as well as grow as a part of this organization.


Question 4. Why do you believe you are the best applicant for this position?

These are the most difficult questions for freshers where your certainty will be tried. You want to sell yourself and demonstrate that you are the best contender for the job.


Highlight how your abilities will be helpful for the organization.

Be certain yet don’t sound egotistic.

Sample Answer:

You have clients from various areas, and I believe that my flexibility and composing innovativeness would be useful skills here. Besides, I have the expected range of abilities, and the months I spent interning at Pink Blush magazine add to my experience as a fine essayist.


Question 5. Are you considering other positions in other companies?

Interviewers pose this question to check whether you are serious about going along with them and how quick they would need to move in the event that you are a decent up-and-comer thinking about different organizations. The HR would be generally interested to know the response to this question for freshers.


Tell the truth here, allowing them to pace the interview process accordingly.

Tell them that they are your top choice.

Sample Answer:

I have gone for interviews in different organizations for a scope of positions. In any case, this organization is my best option on the grounds that, with my experience and abilities, I accept that I would be ideal for the job of Sales Manager you are advertising. I have more than five years’ involvement with deals, and I have great prioritizing abilities.


Question 6. What are you looking for from a new position?

This is one of the most provoking questions for fresher interviewees. Here, the interviewer is looking to understand what you are searching for and if your abilities match with what they are searching for in the position advertised. Thus, it would be ideal for you to answer it intelligently in a way where your response fits the general subject of the position.


Discuss how your abilities would be most appropriate for the position advertised.

Highlight a number of abilities you have that could reasonably be explained, to be in accordance with the position.

Sample Answer:

I’m searching for a position where I would have the option to use my business, exchange, and relationship-building abilities to help the organization and, simultaneously, upgrade them and develop under great mentorship.


Question 7. What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses?

This is one of the common HR interview questions for a fresher since they need to measure your response, whether you tell the truth, and check whether your strengths, for example, your abilities, will be valuable or not and simultaneously check regardless of whether your shortcomings will hamper your efficiency.


Stay away from buzzwords, for example, “I’m a fussbudget” or “I work excessively”.

You should reply as per the position you’re applying for. For example, on the off chance that the occupation is for a project lead, your strengths could be your relationship-building abilities or even a solid hard-working attitude.

Sample Answer:

With regards to strengths, my strong suit is my solid composition and exploration abilities. I’m unyielding about giving the right data, and I guarantee that regardless of the interest group, my composing style addresses their issues and assumptions. My shortcoming, I would agree, is dealing with two or various tasks all at once. Everybody has their approach to getting things done, and mine is working all the while on various undertakings. In any case, this doesn’t influence my work process, and I never miss my deadlines.


Question 8. What is the one accomplishment you are most proud of?

With these sorts of HR round questions for freshers, the interviewers want to find out whether you are a profession-driven, gifted, and achievement-chasing individual.

interview questions and answers for freshers


Boasting a little about your achievements is OK

Try not to be careless or sound pompous while referencing your accomplishments.

Sample Answer:

One accomplishment that I am most pleased with occurred in the third year of college when I helped an individual student who was going to exit college since his family was confronting some monetary battle.

I could see that he was focused on his studies but discouraged as a result of not being able to continue, thus I moved towards him and asked him how I might help. I concocted an arrangement to do an article on his difficulty and distribute it in our specialty magazine. He agreed.

Incidentally, his dad, the provider of the family, had a malignant growth, and they needed to use the money put aside for his college education for the treatment. I composed his story and requested that the magazine supervisor distribute it, overlooking mine and the individual’s name. In the span of seven days, numerous students and even teachers sent gifts to the manager. He then gave them to the individual who is currently an alumnus like me.

The division magazine currently has a page for students out of luck.

 It was a fulfilling and superb experience and accomplishment.


Question 9. Can you handle working under pressure?

This is a typical HR question for freshers. An emergency might happen occasionally, and there are times when you should work under tension. Interviewers ask this question since they are curious as to whether you will break or be steady while working under tension.


While responding to this question, keep cool as a cucumber.

Discuss your strategy for keeping yourself quiet under tension.

Sample Answer:

Indeed. One extraordinary quality about me is that I can work beneficially and calmly when under tension. At the point when an emergency emerges, I realize that I really want to keep myself quiet since anything more will just deteriorate what is happening, and working while at the same time feeling panicky will just defer progress.


Question 10.  Which decision you had to make was the most difficult?

This question is asked on the grounds that the interviewer wants to know how you handle testing and unpleasant circumstances and check your critical thinking abilities. You should show them that even when you were under tension, you were quiet and conclusive.


Pick the right test that you will expand on to show how definitive you are in any event, during difficult situations.

Highlight what was going on and the technique you used to settle on an educated choice.

Sample Answer:

The most difficult choice I’ve at any point needed to make was changing my major in the main year of college. I began my college first year by accepting English as my major since I love to pursue and compose. I have always realized that I needed to turn into an essayist since center school.

The next semester came, and I realized that I needed to look again into my choice of major while zeroing in on composition, and Journalism was the ideal course for me as I additionally have a premium in photography and realistic PR.

I thought about losing a whole year for a really long time and made a list of upsides and downsides. Eventually, I was content with the choice of switching majors. With my parents on my side, I, at last, changed my major, and despite the fact that I might have lost a year, it was a choice that I do not regret making.



Above are some top interview questions and answers for freshers that will be so helpful especially for freshers as they have never done it before. Before appearing for the interview, draft up a good resume with the help of AttainU’s complete guide on resume preparation. It’s important to be ready with a good resume before you have these job interview questions and answers for fresher so that you are well-prepared and you don’t go blank. And if you are not a spontaneous person it can be big trouble for you to face these general interview questions and answers for freshers, so prepare well. Happy practicing!! Sign in for more information

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