Crypto Price Notifier Project by Anurag Gothi

Crypto Price Notifier

About Project:

This is a python script that notify crypto currency price regularly on email, telegram, and IFTTT app notifications. It provide a response after a certain time interval which you can specify. By default time interval and threshold price is set to 5 in minutes and Rs.1000000 respectively. The user has option to choose Where he want to recieve updates.

Description :

Crypto Currency price is very flactuating. So why not be get updated regulary and instead of checking the price , this package will make sure you get notified of the Price Change On time. We Have Implemented Price + News Notifications of crypto currency. And Also To make sure that you get High Priority alert if price reach a certain lower level we have integrated email service which will send a email to you once price goes above the threshold price Our Python Package will make an HTTP request to the webhook URL which will trigger an action. We Getting The Price Update From coinmarketcap API and news updates from NEWS API

Project Overview :

  • This Project will send notification of bitcoin latest price for every one hour
  • The notifications will be sent to telegram channel “AttainU Bitcoin IFTTT”.
  • The channel is global and anyone can access the channel and get regular updates of bitcoin prices.


Demo :

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