Dinesh Seervi's Placement story - Hired by Red Panda

My name is Dinesh. I started my engineering from jodhpur isntitue of engineering in electronics and communication. In second year i was the person who was least interested in study or we can say like in electronics field itself. After second year i somehow arranged laptop and installed android studio app and then i felt like i can do this. I become curious about it then i felt i can learn it.

Do you think teaching which happens at Attainu is really impactful as compared to the other players recorded courses?

Talking about instructors they are really good instructor in the industry what i felt. The live coding expereince we get when we use to solve the problems in front of all it gives us different motivation. Daily assignments and coding challenges were given to us for practise. Then we have mentors for one to one doubt solving. It all helped us alot in the journey.

What was your emotions before the placements?

Before placement i was the one who always study. After 9 months of prepration you ll get the offer in next 10 days that was really tough times. I was really tensed about my performance at that point of time i was just preparing for all these.