E-Commerce Store project by Ankush Rana & Ashutosh Singh


E-Commerce Store


Hello there my name is Ankush Rana, i am from Palampur Himachal Pradesh.I am doing full stack web development course at AttainU. I and my partner Ashutosh Singh  have  created an E-commerce website Backend project which help us to  sigup, signin, signout and also we can create a product like T-shirt for selling  and upload photos of that product, update, delete the product, create a category of product similarly update and delete category.Reason why we selected this project because it contains fare amount of database operation like creating,updating,deleting records and it also contain uploading and deleting files from server. And apart from this it also give us idea to know how applications like amazon,flipkart work on such a big scale and what kind of challenges may come while creating these kind of application. 

What are you trying to build? 

We are trying to build an e-commerce website basically it allows user to signup, signin, signout and allows the admin to create, update, delete a product like t-shirt and same operations for category .

Talk about the technology used and why you have you used it. 

We have used express, node.js at backendend since it allows us to create a server and a framework in less time. . Node js is a server side platform built on google chrome’s javascript V8 engine for easily building fast and scalable network applications. Node js uses an event-driven ,non-blocking I/O model that makes it light weight and efficient perfect for data-intensive real time application that run across distributed devices. In Database we have used mongodb which is nosql database .One of the best things about MongoDB is that there are no restrictions on schema design.It allows to use an unstructured query language. Beside that main benefit it has over MySQL is its ability to handle large unstructured data. 

 Future work which can be done to improve the project

In future scope of this project we can include social media authentication like facebook,twitter,google etc, We can also include shareable links which user can use to share with others.Also the payment gateway can be integrated for making payment.