EASYATTEND - project by Khushboo and Rajeev



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What is their project?
We have built an online attendance tracking system for employees. Here employees of a particular company will register themselves and if the email with which the user is trying to register exists in the database then only he/she will be able to register. The list of accepted emails will be added initially, this is done so to prevent unwanted registrations.

Why did they choose to work on it?
We chose to work on this project because it required the use of all the technologies that we have learned so far. Also, we wanted to build something uniques that haven’t been built by someone else.

The technologies they have used to work on it.
The technologies used in this project are as follows.

-NodeJs for backend
-express web framework
-MongoDB for database
-React for frontend

Packages used in this project are as follows.

  •     -Validator (for validating form data)
  •     -bcryptjs (for hashing password)
  •     -body-parser (for parsing incoming body requests)
  •     -gravatar (for profile pictures, we chose to use gravatar as its quite popular and widely used)
  •     -jsonwebtoken (for identifying users)
  •     -moment (for dealing with time)
  •     -mongoose (for dealing with mongodb)
  •     -passport (for authenticating requests)
  •     -axios (to handle api calls)
  •     -react-minimal-pie-chart (for represnting attendance data in a pie chart form)
  •     -redux (for managing states of react components)

 What improvements do they think that can be done on the project?
There are lots of scope of improvement in this project but the major ones are 
Marking a user as ABSENT automatically, Binding this app to a specific MAC and IP address so the site can only be accessed inside the office premises. Allowing users to change their credentials and password.