Attainu Project

ENTERTAINMENT AND SPORTS API – project by Souvik and Abhijeet


Overview :

The Entertainment and Sports API is a RESTful web service to obtain various information about the movies,Theater, Sports, Events, TV-Series.Its contain many components like Movies,Theatre,City,ShowTime and No of Seats available in a theatre, ongoing events/sports or upcoming events/sports/movies etc…

Goals :

The goal of this project is to define API systems, discuss their implementation, and then, through a case study and interviews, analyze the implementation of such a system at a large scale.

Modules :

  1. Movie: all details of the movies
  2. Cities: all details of cites containing the information of available theatre and movies hosted
  3. Theater : all the necessary details of the theater
  4. Seats: all the seats available in a particular theatre and type of seats like front, back,middle
  5. Show Time: It contains the information about the show time of the theatre
  6. Sports : It Contains all the sports event running in the area
  7. Tv Series : It contains all the Tv series currently running or upcoming
  8. Events : All the events details upcoming/running

Specifications :

The Movie Api System contains four Modules:

1) Movies:

  1. search by Genre,
  2. search by language,
  3. search by Top rating movies,
  4. search by category,
  5. search by actor/director,
  6. search by available screen
  7. search by name,
  8. search by upcoming Movies
  9. search by current Movies
  10. Add movies
  11. Update movies

2) Theatre:

  1. search by screen,
  2. sort by price,
  3. Add theatre
  4. Update theatre
  5. Delete theatre

3) Show time:

  1. search by timing:
  2. Update show time
  3. Add show time
  4. Delete show time

4) Sports:

  1. Add sports
  2. Update sports
  3. Search specific sports
  4. Sort by indoor and Outdoor
  5. Delete sports details

5) Tv series:

  1. Add Tv series
  2. Update Tv series
  3. Search tv series
  4. Search upcoming tv series
  5. Search current tv series

6) Events:

  1. Add events
  2. Update events
  3. Get particular events
  4. Search events type
  5. Search events by city

Technologies Used :

The technologies that are going to be used for the project are as follows:

Back End : Node.js, Express, Mongoose, Sequelize, Cloudinary

Cloud Platform : Mongo Atlas, POSTGRESQL, Heroku, AWS(EC2)

Future Goals :

  1. Auto Location mapping
  2. Online Payment Wallet
  3. Customer’s grievance Support System
  4. Mobile Application Implementation
  5. Mobile OTP for login
  6. Login Via Google/ Facebook/ Insta/ Twitter
  7. Review and ratings system for general users
  8. general users account creation
  9. Theater seat booking system
  10. Addition of more details about every data




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