Attainu Project

eRent – project by AttainU students

GitHub Link | Live Project Link

Project Overview

  • User Perspective: Just like OLX users can contact the seller and choose any room which they like.
  • Seller Perspective: Seller can upload images of their room.

When they’ll upload. They’ll have to add a description and Rent price.


  • Login and Sign up with Email and Google (Will add facebook later)
  • Pages:- a) Home Page, b) Posting Page, c) Particular Post Page, d) Chat Page, e) Contact us page, f) profile page. g) can add more, as per requirements
  • Top Navbar- At the left side there is a logo, at the middle a Search Box (Besides there will be filter option, Ex- By Location or By Property), at the right, there’ll be a user image icon (after click that will be redirected to profile page)
  • Second Navbar- Filtering ( with price, oldest to new, newest to old, premium, location)
  • Post Card-  Like bootstrap with more options ( there will be one a Like option, and a report option )
  • Footer- Simple footer with terms and conditions
  • Posting Page- Image upload field, title field, description field, price field, location field(Search or add by current location, will use location API), and choose the Premium Posting ( Gold, Diamond ) (Additional)
  • Single Post page: All details of Post along with Contact Seller and Chat with seller Option, and Report option also and location will be shown on google map. (Will use google map API, to mark the location)
  • Profile Page: At the top left user profile details and on the right side all the details of the orders. There will be update and delete account option
  • Contact us page:  Anyone can contact us or can give feedback or can tell us a bug.
  • Responsiveness:
  • Chat Page: Here buyer and seller can discuss the property.


  • Bootstrap 4 →  For Page layout
  • ReactJS → For UI
  • Redux → State Management
  • Firebase → Authentication
  • Postgres → Database
  • React Transition Group → Animation
  • Responsive → Flex and Grid with B4
  • Cloudinary → Storing images
  • Heroku → Deploy our website


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