File-Organiser Project by Abhishek Shashank




A basic implementation of a File Organiser in Python Command Line Interface present for User Instructions The User can arrange the files according to the Size, Extension and Date Modified The Organised Files will be present in a folder named "Organised" inside the Actual Folder


  • Organise Files By Extensions into Different Folders inside the Actual Folder
  • Organise Files By Size into Folders named 'Small' , 'Medium' and 'Large'
  • Organise Files By Latest Modified Date with Folders named by the Date Modified Itself

Modules Used:

  • **OS** Module for Interacting with Files
  • **SHUTIL** Module for copying and deleting files
  • **ARGPARSE** Module for manipulating the CLI
  • **DATETIME** Module for getting the Modification Timestamp for Files

Future Scope :

Adding Options for Organisation like Sorting in Alphabetical Order Different Options for Deleting or Reaming Files can be Added Graphical User Interface can be Deceloped for this Application

Demo :