File-Organizer Project by Souvik Maity



Overview :

Arranging files on your computer is just like arranging anything else. Say you want to organize your clothes. You might arrange each type of clothes into separate stacks or you could throw everything into one place and hope you can find the right pair of clothes when you need it. And that's how we typically treat our files: we save files randomly to our Desktop and Documents folders, then waste time searching for files every day. This is very useful for Lazy programmer who keeps a bunch of files and folders at one location and sometimes he is in a lot of confusion about which files are present. It is a very boring task to manually arrange all the files into one folder.So This a python program to organise everything in the single go in a blink of an eye.

Prerequisites :

python 3.8 (Install this from the official website Basic knowledge of how to use command prompt, how to copy and paste files .

Specifications :

  1. This script can organize the files according to given specific extension in the command line
  2. This script can organize the files according to the substring of the file name.


Command :

  1. python organize [Path] -- keyword Date
  2. python organize [Path] -- keyword Size
  3. python organize [Path] --keyword extension
  4. python organize [default Path] --[ default keyword Date ]


Demo :