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Flickster Movie – An App for Movies Database

Stage 2 Project (Out of 3 Stages)

This project was developed by AttainU Students.

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Flickster Movie – Movie Database is an online database of information related to films. On default, the user will be redirected to the filmy news page. We are able to get the news-data from google news API(third-party). A user can search for a particular movie on successful login to the flickster movie account. If a user doesn’t have an account in flickster-movie, he is free to sign-up into the flickster movie account. A user can view the details of genre, cast, production, IMDB ratings, the plot of a particular movie through OMDB API(third-party). A user can give his honest review of a particular movie based on his personal experience.

Users can also view the other reviews given by respective users. Flickster movie allows the user to either edit the review or delete the review. On a successful logout, it will redirect to the news section.

1. What are we trying to build?

We are trying to build a movie database application. A user can search for a particular movie and can view the content of genre,cast, production, IMDB ratings,plot of the movie.

It allows users to add, edit, delete particular review for a movie.A user can also view all other reviews by respective users.

2. Why did we choose to work on this?

The reason why we have chosen this project is that we want to make CRUD operations on our application where we have learned from shallow dive using Express JS.

3. Technologies used and why?


HTML5,CSS3,Bootstrap,Jquery for making some bootstrap features.


Express JS(Server-side framework), Node JS, MongoDB(non-relational database), Javascript, Jquery, HBS templating engine, Google news API(filmy news), OMDB API(Movie details)


Heroku, Mongo Atlas.

4.Future scope of improvement?

– To let users login from their social networking accounts.

– To populate video trailers on particular movies.

– To allow the user to give ratings for a specific movie and to show cumulative ratings to the user.

– UI improvements

5. Demo

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