FRESHKART - project by Rohan



About Project :

This project is about a simple website of store where store owner (Admin) can sell their vegetables and grocery product on that website and deliver that product to that user whenever someone order products from this website .

Main Roles :

1) User- user can buy a product and add product in wishlist then user needs to pay amount by razorpay and then cart items will be delivered to users selected address. user can add review on any product and user can ask question on product also . 1)Admin- Admin can Add new Product in database and Admin can give answer of question that asked on product and admin can answer the questions that asked on website and only Admin can accept or reject order

Technologies used :

✓ NodeJS ✓ Express JS ✓ NEXMO ✓ MongoDB ✓ PSQL ✓ Cloudinary ✓ NodeMailer ✓ Razorpay ✓ Passport JS ✓ JEST

Features :

➢ Register via mobile number OTP verification. ➢ Forget and reset Password with mobile number OTP verification. ➢ User Authorization via Google and Facebook. ➢ User profile. ➢ Various Product routes like add product, search product, search category, price etc. ➢ Wishlist for every registered user. ➢ Cart for every user where user can add their product, increase quantity, total price etc. ➢ Product FAQ routes where user can post their queries related to product. And admins will answer their questions. ➢ Address routes where any registered user can store their addresses. ➢ Admin can access about products times sold and Product FAQ. ➢ Payment Gateway of Razorpay where customer can make payments via credit cards, debit cards and UPI. ➢ Admin can accept/decline the order created by user.