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From a Material Science Engineer to becoming a Software Developer – Smriti’s Placement Story at AttainU

My name is Smriti. I graduated in 2014 with btech in material science. In my btech i just had one course of coding which i barely managed to pass. From 2014 to 2017 i was in financial services you can say and in that all the coding i did was copy pasting for loops.


There are so many courses out there, why did you decide to join Attainu Course?

I wanted to join bootcamp course now it came in my mind which bootcamp, so for example there was other bootcamp but they were not taking a graduate who is 2014 pass out. Then i came to know about attainu, that is the only option i have and also they take money only after placemnets and alot more more things were there in Attainu through which i got to know that i can learn from here.

How was your learning experience at Attainu?

For example we use to get coding challenges , assignments daily. In the beginning it will seem very easy but with every coding chalenges you do you ll learn something new which is very important try to write it down that is how i learn. Instant doubt solving in live coding lectures and also I got the write resources which helped me a lot.

How did Attainu help you in your placements?

So Attainu gives many modules which have a lot of questions you have to research those question and get the answers.So you have the basic knowledge of coding in which this modules helps you to get from basics to intermediate. You have to read again and again if you dont get it you search more read more so that is what i did in my placement process and that really helped me in interviews they ask very basic question and i was able to explain those questions really well.

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