Full Stack Developer Salary-What You Should Be Expecting

Full Stack Developer Salary-What You Should Be Expecting

Full Stack Developer Salary: What You Should Be Expecting?

Web development has become the most trending profession in today’s era. As everything has gone online, the developers’ demand has also increased in every sector. In today’s time, brand trust is measured by the website or web application of the companies. To maintain authenticity, trust, and brand value, companies hire experts called Full Stack developers or web developers. Many people prefer to pursue their careers in the field of web development as companies offer a high salary package for this job. Have you ever thought about how much a Full Stack developer salary is and how can you become a Full Stack developer? All these answers are mentioned in this article, and you can demand the expected salary upon your skills from big companies.

Justifications Of Full Stack Developers

The person who knows both sides of development, i.e., the front-end and the back-end programming, is called a Full Stack web developer. He/she has a wide area of knowledge and the ability to create whole web applications on their own.

Being a Full Stack developer is not easy because having all the skills mentioned below is a tough task; only a single stream among them takes a year to master. If you still want to become a Full Stack engineer and withdraw a higher Full Stack developer salary for freshers, you must have the four skills. Read more about how to get a job as a fresher on AttainU 

1] Back-End Programming

Back-end programming or server-side is the most important part of creating any web application. This is the programming that goes behind the scenes of the applications, whether mobile apps or websites. The back-end developer is responsible for the base functioning of the website or apps, like the tabs you can see on the front page of an online portal. Then only it will help you get enough Full Stack web developer salary along with other skills.

To become an expert, you need to know the skills like Javascript, Python, NodeJS, ExpressJS, and many others.

However, learning these technologies isn’t tough. You can join the online platform AttainU to improve your knowledge.

Back-End Programming

2] Front-End Programming

After mastering back-end programming, next comes the front-end development or the designing of the client side of the web applications that the users interact with. Front-end programmers or developers focus on coding to develop the user interface using all the resources developed by the server side.

Front-end developers are responsible for organizing the coding given by the back-end engineers and making the user interface simple and easy to access. This skill also takes effort to master as these are the people who are responsible for giving the final touch to the application and making them ready to launch.

3] Database

Database management is an integral part of storing the data of your projects or the application you are working on. Big projects where hundreds of developers are involved can also contain millions of codes that you need to maintain and store in one place. Big companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc., have billions of data to manage. For that, database managers like Data Scientists have the potential to maintain that data and ask for a higher Full Stack engineer salary at the time of placement.

To become a Full Stack developer, you need to know how to manage the coding if you are working on a big project alone. Various languages like MYSQL, SQL, Oracle, etc., you need to learn in addition to the web development programming language.

4] DevOps

Last but equally important is DevOps, a methodology that is used to fill the gap between the developers and the operational team. This is the common place where the developer combines the work of both teams to present better results with reliability in creating an application. In maximum cases, a huge team is involved in managing all the work to complete it faster.

To become a Full Stack developer, you need to have all the skills mentioned above, and it can take many years to become experienced if you are learning by yourself. But this can become possible if you start today and find the best platform, i.e., AttainU, which can teach you in an interactive way along with practical exposure.

What is the standard Full Stack Developer Salary in the industry?

Full Stack developers are in high demand nowadays as companies also need highly skilled professionals who can manage their work alone. The big companies don’t want to hire a number of developers or software engineers to do one project. Because these posts demand high salaries by an individual to deal with the project. Enhance your skills as a full stack web developer on AttainU

Full Stack Developer Salary

Here is the Full Stack developer salary you can get in various industries and countries based on your skills and experience.

What is the Full Stack Engineer Salary for Experienced?

The average salary of a fresher can reach six figures in major metropolitan states of India. The average payout of a Full Stack developer can start at ₹4,25,000 per annum in the initial time, and it may increase according to your experience.

It has also been observed that Full Stack developers having 1 to 4 years of experience earn up to ₹14,50,000 per year. And if you have experience of 5 to 10 years, then you can earn up to 16 to 30 lakhs annually. And this figure is considered in the worst condition when you are working for a startup or not-so-big company. This figure of Full Stack developer salary for freshers or experienced may increase if you are placed in a big company like Wipro, TCS, Infosys, or other big players in India.

Talking about the United States, the average Full Stack developer salary goes up to $100,000 per year, including a $10,500 bonus addition.

The Full Stack software developer salary increases with the experience you have, but the best part is you get your job according to your skill. IT (Information Technology) is among those fields where your skill is appreciated rather than your degree. Especially in India, many giant-tech companies like Google and Facebook started ignoring the degree of the students, and they hire based on their skills.

Many online platforms are available, like AttainU and Udemy, that offer you online courses and allow you to get placement with a higher Full Stack engineer salary.

What is Full Stack Web Developer Salary In Abroad?

Full Stack developer salary in the USA

The USA has the biggest IT sector, and all the big giant-tech companies reside in this country. The average Full Stack web developer’s salary in the United States is $91,625 per year, and entry-level web developers get up to $64,000 per year.

If we look at an hourly rate, the Full Stack developer earns around $44,000 per annum, and in the case of senior application developers, they earn up to $114,000 per annum, which is a huge amount.

No doubt, the USA is the country that offers the highest Full Stack developer salary for freshers and experienced in the world. If you are also dreaming of working in the USA, now after the pandemic many of these companies are hiring developers remotely in India. Platforms like AttainU give you the required skills to prepare for these jobs if you enroll in their Full Stack Development course online.

Full Stack engineer salary in the UK

The second number comes from the UK, where you can earn up to £52,155 per annum as a full web application developer. The average Full Stack developer salary starts from £8,37,624 per annum, and you can also earn £25.07 on an hourly basis in the United Kingdom.

Besides, the senior Full Stack web developer’s salary starts from £64,678 per annum, which is the second highest amount that is given to any Full Stack web developer in any country.

Full Stack developer salary in India

India is the fastest growing country in the IT field, and millions of software engineers belong to this place. The average Full Stack developer salary in India is around ₹11,71,750 per annum, and they charge up to ₹563.34 on an hourly basis.

At the same time, the senior Full Stack developer earns up to ₹18,75,526 per year. In India, the fresher Full Stack web developer gets around ₹6,07,426 which is also a huge amount for any software engineer earning in the world.

Full Stack developer salary in Japan

Japan is known as the country of the future because it has the biggest technologies that no country has so far. To maintain this name, Japan’s Government invested a lot of money to grow the IT sector and provide high payments to software engineers.

Talking about the Full Stack web developer salary in Japan, the average salary is ¥8,402,360 per year. And based on experience, the Full Stack fresher’s salary starts from ¥4,039.60 per annum, and the senior web developers earn up to ¥10,404,424, which is a great amount to live a good life.

Full Stack developer salary in Germany

The average Full Stack developer salary in Germany starts from 72.407 € per year. Freelancers and other software engineer individuals charge up to 34,81 € per hour.

The entry-level Full Stack developers earn up to 50.973 €, and the well-experienced players in this field cross 89,793 € per year.

What Are All Skills Required To Become A Full Stack Developer?

Apart from knowing a programming language, HTML and CSS, database management, back-end, and front-end frameworks, control vision, and the knowledge of web hosting platforms, one should also have soft skills like creative thinking. Read about computer programming courses to get a job 

Software and web development is the work of creativity that can create an engaging product and a tendency to simplify complex technology. A good Full Stack developer should have good analytical skills, problem-solving skills, time management, and a perfect plan to begin any project. All these qualities can make you a perfect Full Stack developer, and you can earn a high salary from any company you want.

Skills for full stack web developer

AttainU provides a Full Stack Developer Course With Placement that will help you in enhancing your skills and push you toward your dream. In addition, AttainU has the maximum number of hiring partners in India.

Bottom Line

Being a Full Stack developer is not an easy task as the knowledge that you need to grab a high Full Stack developer salary, is that you master all the skills mentioned above. It can be difficult but not impossible as there are various online platforms like AttainU that allows you to learn online from the comfort of your home.

If you are from a non-technical background and want to switch your career to the IT field, then you can easily learn Full Stack web development with AttainU and earn a handsome salary.

So, without thinking further, grab all the information related to your interest and enroll now to upskill yourself.

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