Gallivanter’s Tale - Lifestyle Blogging


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What we are trying to build-
Full Stack Capstone application based on lifestyle Blogging. Where visitors can read blogs related to different categories. If anyone wants to write a blog then he/she can register on the app and become an author. Communication between server and client is through RESTfull APIs.

We have chosen this project so that -
Quality content can be created based on user interests and users can explore various topics that they like or would explore.
The blogging project is a client-server Web application built over an RDBMSBlogging, short for weblogging, is an application that runs on a portal site, in which different users (and user groups) can publish and revise daily journal entries, and these entries will be made public for others to view.  In essence, it gives everyone his or her own personal editorial column to publish to the world.


  • Node.js: For communication between client and server and accessing Database.
  • React.js: Client-side technology to build interactive UI/UX.
  • PostgreSQL: SQL based database for secure and effective implementation of SCHEMAS.
  • SCSS: For styling individual UI components.
  • JWT: JSON web token-based user authentication for securing URL and user sensitive data.
  • PWA Implementation: For responsive and mobile-friendly user experience so that user can have a native app-like experience.

Future Scope of improvement:
Admin panel - To control the kind of content that a user might want to post and to keep an eye on users’ activity to make web app performance and user friendly.
Monetization - Based on ads and amount to user visit and the kind of content they write we can monetize the app and share benefits with the content creator to encourage them to write better content