Grocery ERP Management System project by Abdul Rashid A and Lincey Cherian


Grocery ERP Management System

What are you trying to build?

Here,in this project we have made a basic grocery eCommerce website which mainly has two user groups Buyers and Sellers. It includes all the basic functionalities like, 

  • Sign Up
  • Email Verification
  • Seperate Login for both user groups 
  • List items within their category
  • Adding profile details for both user groups
  • Adding product details,updating them ,showing all their product details and deleting them for seller group
  • Adding to the cart with CRUD function and proceeding for checkout for buyer group.
  • Adding to the wishlist with all CRUD operation 
  • Viewing past Order details for buyer group.

Why did they choose to work on it?

After seeing Grofers, we also wanted to build something similar. This project  involves a fair amount of database operations like creating, updating, deleting products for sellers and same in the case of buyers as they can add, update and delete both their cart and wishlist and  moreover it's market-relevant. 

Technologies used and why?

    In the back-end, we used 

  • Node.js for JavaScript runtime environment 
  • Mongodb Atlas
  • Mongoose
  • Express framework
  • Hapi Joi validator - for validation
  •  Passport js  -  for Authorisation
  •  JWT - for Authentication
  •  Bcrypt - for hashing password
  •  Nodemailer - for sending email 
  •  Deployment - Heroku  

Future work that can be done to improve the project:

  • Search functionality, so that a user can search products by typing their name in the search box.
  • Sign in with Social Login
  • Forgot password
  • Few changes in the UI part.
  • Sort option