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He left the job in MNC to pursue his interest in Coding – Suraj Kawale’s placement story at AttainU


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Suraj, I live in Mumbai, My dad works as a government servant having a normal middle-class income. Before AttainU I was preparing for some competitive exam along with job hunting. Although I did got placed after college in MNC but as usual, the work wasn’t as appealing to me so I quit it and started preparing for GATE. After qualifying GATE I did get shortlisted for some new IITs but then again due to lack of some knowledge I didn’t clear some rounds. So I decided to prepare again and simultaneously start looking for some job.

How did you hear about AttainU? Describe your first reaction about AttainU program and thoughts about joining it.

One morning I was just scrolling through Facebook. There I came across Ad of AttainU. I saw it and thought it might be some scam and why would somebody teach you for free. But later I scrolled down and read about ISA and saw all Divyam sir videos on Youtube about AttainU and how it works. That got me excited to apply.

Describe your course journey? Tell us about your instructors, AMA sessions, Mentors, AttainU Team, batchmates, course schedule, difficulties during course, support, emotional connection with your instructors etc.

The journey at AttainU was totally different than what I expected. First of all, we had a great pool of instructors who has a ton of experience in Full Stack Development along with the latest stack of languages and framework as a syllabus. We got lots of assignments and coding challenges which made sure we put all our effort to build our logic and get into the shoes of developers. Sometimes assignments and Coding Challenges were overwhelming but got simpler and intuitive with the help of instructors we got. We had lots of AMA’s sessions from startup tech leaders around India which inspired and gave us achievement goals. Also, there was some test that made sure to keep grinding our knowledge and keep it sharpen till the D-Day. Also, there was a lot of fun during the lecture, from cracking lame jokes to pulling someone’s leg and our instructor (Arkesh) made sure we are enjoying our lecture. Once our instructor got sick but still he managed to teach us React and Redux in a limited period of time. We floated, got confused, dived deeper into so much tech from here and there that AttainU became an integral part of my daily routine. The one great lesson I learned here is to ‘LEARN HOW TO LEARN’.

Tell us about your placement experience. How were you feeling in the beginning? your first interview experience, your dull moments, the support you received to cracking the interviews.

When the placement part came nearby we all got a little depressed. Although we have learned so much we felt like its nothing. We initially thought why would someone even pay us to code these things. Our Placement coordinator Pramod he kept continuously motivating us, helped us with resume building, along with continuous tests to keep us sharpen and when the startups came for recruitment then we realized our value. For me, there were at least 2-3 interviews daily and for some of us, companies also started giving competitive packages. Finally, I got placed in Delta Exchange and my journey for working for the next big thing has been kick-started.

How are you feeling after getting this job? About your excitement and dream.

I couldn’t thank more to AttainU. 2019 proved to be the best year in my life and credit goes to AttainU. My Dream to work for a bigger goal and put a dent in the universe now seems achievable.

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