Investing marketplace

Investing Marketplace project by Ritwik Sharma

Investing Marketplace


Hey! My name is Ritwik Sharma,I’m doing full stack web development course at attainu.The project that I’ve built as my backend project is ‘Investing marketplace’.This project is aimed at demonstrating CRUD operations with context of a environment where a person can search,buy/sell various things like cryptocurrencies ,mutual funds,etc

Overview of the project:-

One place to serve all your investing needs from knowing current price ,historical data to buying and selling.Here, you can trade different instruments like Cryptocurrency ,Mutual Funds, etc

Technologies Used:-

ExpressJs for making this server side api

Json Web Token for generating tokens

Node-Mailer to send mails

Bcrypt for password hashing

MongoDb using Mongoose

Heroku for deployment


Cryptocurrency Page:
– Search different cryptocurrencies
– Transact Different cryptocurrencies
– A wallet which maintains both your cryptocurrency and
your US dollar Balance to perform transactions

Mutual Funds Page:
– Search Mutual funds
– Buy/sell different Mutual Funds
– A log for all transaction performed
– Current Mutual Fund Holdings/Investments of a user

– Login/signUp
– View user profile
– Confirm Email
– Confirm Email resend option
– Reset Password & Forgot Password


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