Jay Shah feedback

Jay Shah’s Placement Story

How was your interview experience and process?

After the first initial round there were two technical interviews. The first interview revolve around DsAlgo question as well as question which was aligned to what the company was doing. Even in the second technical interview we had a DsAlgo question as well as system design question again which is aligned to what company was doing.

Which platform are good for job application and what does it take to get a job in this pandemic(covid-19)

You have to just keep aplying as well as keep coding so its basically linkedin as well as anglelist.

You were trained on MERN stack at AttainU, then how did you manage to crack a job looking for MEAN stack developer.

So personally Just code and DsAlgo.

Do you think that AttainU’s curriculum helped you achieve this job?

For me it was a cumiliation of many things like the weekly assignment the project phase and the hackerearth test towards the end.

Would you like to give some advice to students graduating in future or still looking to get hired?

Keep learning develop new web apps and keep applying.


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