JOBHUB - project by Sagar



What i am trying to build ?

I have build a jobHub web application(a job portal). This app is for jobseeker as well as for Recruiter also, where a jobseeker can find his/her dream job and a recruiter can find the right talent/employee for his/her business. JobHub is a website that deals specifically with employment or careers. JobHub allow employers to post job requirements for a position to be filled by the applicants.

Why did i choose to work on this?

I chose this project because this application has two(2) types of role (jobseeker and recruiter) so handling both roles in back-end on the same data was really nice. I had fun while doing this. Also, i wanted to explore my knowledge and to apply on a real-time application. I learned some new things by developing this application also it was a good opportunity for me to show my skills. Building this application helped me to cover all the technologies I have learned so far.

Technologies used :

Frontend :

☆ React ☆ Redux ☆ Axios ☆ Moment ☆ Bootstrap ☆ Font Awesome


☆ Node.js ☆ Express ☆ Mongoose ☆ Jsonwebtoken ☆ @hapi/joi ☆ Bcryptis

Cloud Platforms:

* Heroku * Netlify * Mongo Atlas

Future scope of improvement?

  • Sign in with Social Login
  • Forgot password
  • Job alert
  • Realtime notification with email
  • More interactive and beautiful design