JUNK FILE ORGANISER - project by Akshaya Dhelaria



What am I trying to build? 

Normally we can see that not many users keep their folders properly arranged and their desktop or any other folder looks unorganised. So I have built a program wherein a user can easily arrange their files according to the size as well as according to the extension. 

Why did I choose this project? 

The main reason behind choosing this project was to make our concepts like recursion and data structure more clear. It was a challenging task and had many things to learn from it. 

Technologies used ? 

  1. First of all I have imported 2 modules: 
  2. os module- The main reason to import this module was that it is possible to 

perform many operating system tasks like file management. 

  1. sys module- Secondly I have used this module especially to make command line arguments by importing argv from this module. 
  2. DFS(Depth First Search) approach to traverse through all the files in a folder. 
  3. Recursion 

Future Scope of Improvement? 

  1. Adding time so that users can easily see which file they have opened recently and which file they didn't open for a month and for a year. 
  1. Sorting the file according to alphabetical order.