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Junk file Organizer – Project by Akshay Koti

Junk file organiser

[Everyone has their own favorite methodology of organizing and filing, and it’s all too easy to get into “My Way is Better than Your Way” arguments.
The reality is that there is no perfect way of getting things organized.]

Basically, as a lazy programmer our desktop is full of files (JunkFiles). Due to the large number of files, it is a daunting task to sit and organize each
file. To make that task easy the below Pythonscript comes handy and all the files are organized in a well-manner within seconds. In this project we are
going to implement a junkfile organizer using python the motive of the project is to orgainzeand make neat desktop for the user this will help the user to be
organize and will save a huge amount of time. With the help of this project the user get an idea about his system and can easily locate where his/her files
are located. Our project will contain set of features as follows: – folder organization – moving common files to appropriate folders · mapping

Why Bother Organizing At All?
I have a friend who puts every file he ever creates, receives or downloads into his My Documents folder and doesn’t bother filing them into subfolders
at all. He relies on the search functionality built into his Windows operating system to help him find whatever he’s looking for.And he always finds it.
He’s a Search Samurai. For him, filing is a waste of valuable time that could be spent enjoying life.

Choose Your Organization System Carefully?
The reason that most people are not organized is that it takes time. And the first thing that takes time is deciding upon a system of organization.
This is always a matter of personal preference, and is not something that a geek on a website can tell you. You should always choose your own system,
based on how your own brain is organized (which makes the assumption that your brain is, in fact, organized)

The shutil Module
The shutil (or shell utilities) module has functions to let you copy, move, rename, and delete files in your Python programs. To use the shutil functions, you will first need to use import shutil.

How to approach:
1.import all the library functions requried shutil…os etc..
2.Create different folders based on type of files we are going to segregate into different folders using dictionaries
3.Each folder will represent the name of the files present inside it
4.Create the map of the file types into their respective folders
5.Create a function to filter file types into their respective folders
6.Use the OS module of python to recursively list out all the files that are present in the folders into newly created folder like there respective name

Build using:
1.Python 3.8 latest version python language
2.The code is built according to the standerd pep8 rules and regulations
3.we have to import the shutil and os modules for this

1.File handling in python
2.Usage of OS module
4.Usage of Shutil module

Requried screenshots
1.Before running the Script
basic reference for the checking code.

2.After running the Script
and the result of code after running the code

running the code
Copy the to the desired location where we want to oraganise the folders
After double click on the We can see the folders arranged in correct maner
We can run the Script using command line also but it will take all the folder input that we need to submit through runtime


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