KISAN-VIKAS - project by Chaitali barde and Hemant kumar gupta



About the project :

Kisan-vikas is the platform where a farmer can sell and know the actual product price in the market. Apart from that farmers will get a service like soil testing facility, fertilizer delivery and all other kinds of information by using the chat support system. Kisan-vikas has a simple interface and provides information on dealers, market price, plant protection, and expert advisories. In addition, the buyer directly connects the farmer with the Kisan call center where technical graduates answer their queries. To begin with, a farmer and buyer have to register the mobile number or email, choose a language—at present limited to Hindi and English—and enter details of the state, district and block or sub-district. The farmer can update new crop price and images and the buyer can view the latest price of all crops traded in a mandi or registered agriculture market of the particular district a farmer belongs to. Additionally, he gets to see the maximum price in the district, state and the entire country on a particular day.


The project runs in ‘GIT BASH TERMINAL’, which will keep the code run alive. The project is divided into six modules: -

1-User Module 2-Product Module 3-Cart Module 4-Review Module 5-Address Module  6-Order Module

User Module- Here I have used name, email, the password for the registration process and login process. In the change password process, I have used old password and a new password. In log out, I have used user Id and in deactivating account I have used email for deactivating the account. In forgot password I send mail to the user for reset password. In that, I have used email and confirm password.

Product Module- Here I have used category price, image, description to create product profile. Here I have used specific product IDs for searching products and also used category for searching the products. We can even see how many products are there to display. Users can also upload images of products.

Cart Module- Here I have used userId, productId, category, price, description, quantity, the total price for a product to add in cart. Based on productId one can remove the product from the cart. Additionally, one can see how many products are added to the cart.

Review Module- Here I have used userId, productId, rating, title, content, and image for the review of the product. Here I also used productId for edit review and delete the review. Based on productId one can see all reviews of the product.

Address Module- Here I have used userId, flat no, road, pin code, landmark, and comment for creating the address. In that, I have used userId to edit and delete the address. Based on userId one can see the address of the user.

Order Module- Here I have used userId, order_id, order_value, razorpay_payement_id, razorpay_order_id, razorpay_signature to verify user's payment.


Nodemailer (_To send system generated emails_) - Passport Js (_For Google And Facebook Register_) - Express-fileupload (_Upload Images_) - Express Js (_Framework for node Js_) - Json Web token (_For Authentication_) - Bcrypt Js (_For Hashing_) - Helmet (_To Secure all Headings and Status_) - Compressor (_To compress the size of the data_) - Sequelize (_To Connect to SQL Database_) - Razorpay (_For pay amount_)