KITAB-E-KEEDA - project by Amit and Manas



Details: -

  • Books are one of the most important things for a human being to survive with knowledge and wisdom. We all love to read books. Or at least some of us do. And as a reader myself, I don’t want to just pick anything from the store without knowing anything about it. It would be a loss of money and the guilt of leaving the book unread because it’s less interesting.
  • So we have built an web application with the help of which, a user can see all the reviews and ratings of a particular book has gotten from other users who have already read the book and given their valuable reviews there.
  • We have also implemented a feature where the user can follow other users and the followed user can post some stories about any book they like, or any recommendation or any thoughts on the books he/she have already read. And the follower users can like/dislike their posts and add/update/delete comments as well as make threads under those comments also

Technologies used:-

  •       For backend we are using nodejs,
  •       Express js as our backend framework
  •       MongoDB as our primary database
  •       Postgre SQL as our secondary database
  •       Mongoose as our ORM for mongoDB
  •       Sequelize as our ORM for postgre SQL
  •       Npm packages
  1.   Nodemon to keep the server running
  2.   jsonWebToken to create a token based authentication
  3.   bcryptjs to hash the password
  4.   datauri to convert the buffered data from the uploaded file to a readable stream data
  5.   dotenv to store the passwords and secret keys
  6.   uuid to generate random ids to use in authentication
  7.   Nodemailer for verifying mail
  8.   Multer for uploading files
  9.   Cloudinary for saving the uploaded files in cloud storage
  10. Mongoose Object  relational mapping for all mongodb database        functionality
  11. Sequelize ORM  for postgreSQL database Functionality

Future Scope:-

   As the web app is totally based on backend, we will be adding front end in near future so that it would look much interactive and neat

  •         We will be using features like, signing up with google, facebook with passportjs
  •         We will be adding razorpay so that the user would buy the books from our own site also.