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Luben Frank Gonsalves’s Placement Story – Hired by DocVita

Luben Frank Gonsalves

Tell us about yourself.

I am Luben, 2018 CSE graduate from Mangalore.

How did you hear about AttainU? Describe your first reaction about AttainU program and thoughts about joining it.

I heard about Attainu on Instagram, I was very happy about the course structure because It was aligned with my interest and of course there was no upfront fee.

Describe your course journey? Tell us about your instructors, AMA sessions, Mentors, AttainU Team, batchmates, course schedule, difficulties during course, support, emotional connection with your instructors etc.

Journey with AttainU was great, we had a great instructor who was helpful throughout the course. We also got good support from Attainu team by organising AMA sessions with industry experts and helping us understand current industry trends, also helping us prepare our resumes and making us placement ready.

Tell us about your placement experience. How were you feeling in the beginning? your first interview experience, your dull moments, the support you received to cracking the interviews.

Initially, placements were demotivating, but AttainU and the team were supportive and held us strong in our dull moment’s which finally helped us crack interviews.

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