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Maze-Solver Project by Nitesh Khanduja


About Project :

The Maze Solver is a program that takes input as an MxN matrix and outputs the path of the maze denoting 1 as path and 0 as block/wall.

First step after opening Python Project :

Github Python Project consists of 3 contents.



How to run MazeSolver In Windows Operating System :

Firstly, in the python project directory you can see input.txt file give your maze combination to that file.

  • It takes the input from the user In the Form M * N
  • By Default 4 *4 matrix auto generates
  • If you don’t want to generate the u can edit Input.txt
  • Thus it will genrate your maze

How Does code work?

It takes the input matrix , By using BFS finds all the shotest path, By using dijkastra find the shortest path. It gives the output in the form of matrix in the output file output.txt

Demo :

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