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Hello, we are feeling immense pleasure as we have completed our project successfully. This project gave us an opportunity to work on real world app/project and help us to understand how things are working under hood.

  • First of all I would like to tell you the name of project and what is the idea behind this app.

This is MedicoUniverse, means Medical Universe.

MedicoUniverse is the complete solution for your medical needs as you need doctors, nurses, therapist and babysitters, we are here to provide you. You want to book an appointment in hospitals? Yes we are here to help you. Now you want some Health products? Obviously we are here. What if you want An Ambulance for some urgency? The answer is yes we are still with you. We have an ambulance also. You can book and track real-time positions also.  

  • Key features.
  • Booking for doctors, nurses, therapist, and babysitters.
  • Contact information’s of Government owned and famous private Hospitals.
  • Book an appointment in those private hospitals.
  • Online Pharmacy for ordering health related products.
  • Ambulance booking with tracking.
  • What motivates us?

There are some gaps between peoples and medicinal facilities. So we are just putting a step in filling those gaps. What gap are those? You can find in later in this article.

  • Now we will tell you the details of this app.

Booking For Doctors Nurses therapist and baby Sitters:

Sometimes you need a doctor and you are not in a condition to visit for a doctor. Now in that situation a Mobile App can help you and that is MedicoUniverse

Now If someone needs a person to take care of their family members. In this case Nurse is the best option. You can find the experienced, reliable nurses for that. You can book them for hourly, daily basis

Similarly now you want some Therapy or some kind of exercise sessions, you can book Professional and experienced therapist from our website.

Now let’s say you both are working professionals and you want someone to take care of your baby. You can book babysitters here. We have an experienced and right person for that. 

  • Contact information of hospitals and appointment booking.

In this section we are offering all the famous Private and Government hopsital’s information. You can see the address and contact information over there. For you ease you can book an appointment with doctors or for some kind of test. 

  • Online Pharmacy.

Here we have a wide range of health related products such as Skin care, Personal Care, Fitness and wellness stuffs, Medical Instruments. You can search for those products and add to the cart. By paying the amount you can purchase the stuffs you need. 

  • Ambulance on click.

Here one can book an Ambulance via phone call or on click. We guarantee you, you can find an Ambulance within 15 minutes of your booking. You can track in real-time where your ambulance is. This way we can assure you that we are here with you.

  • Technologies Used
  • Front end:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap with JQuery.
  • Back Nexmo for SMS. End:
  • Node js
  • Express js
  • MongoDB with Mongoose for Database.
  • Google Api Service
  • Future scope:

 We can Enhance the User Experience, UI can be better

We want to add the database. For now we have the data of selected cities only. In future we can add more and more data, more Doctors and Hospitals.

We have not implemented the doorstep delivery service. We can add courier partner for delivering items.

Also we have not involved the actual ambulance service. We can add real drivers and ambulance and can add some more features.

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