MEIMG - Image Cloud storage


Meimg application is a cloud image storage application. In this application, the user can store images, delete images and add the title of their choice. This application is purely cloud base here user can store all memorable and important images from anywhere, no need any physical device.

Live Project Link | GitHub Link

In this project:
There are three pages sign in, signup, and home page.

1. Signup: User can input there all relevant data or details, that data goes to MongoDB for save in “users” database.

2. Sign in: User input their data whatever he used at the time of signup, and that data will fetch by authentication and then if data is correct then redirect to the home page, if data is incorrect then error message will show.

3. Homepage: After authentication from sign-in User will redirect to the homepage and then after that, the user can add images and delete and add the title of there wish, here multer come into play to upload images into cloudinary and Cloudinary will generate link image and MongoDB will store it.

Further Upgradation: Feature to be add:
sharing to Facebook or Twitter by using API,
updating users details.

Technologies Used:
For Backend: Nodejs,expressjs,authentication,mvc,session,routes and multer.
For Frontend: Handlebars, CSS and HTML.
For Db: Mongodb and Cloudinary.
For deploying: Heroku app.