Attainu Project

Meme-Hub – social media platform, primarily used for sharing memes.

Live Project Link | GitHub Link  

What is MEME-HUB and Why this Project?

  • Meme-Hub is a social media platform, primarily used for sharing memes.
  • Memes are the face of social media these days.
  • Our project gives a glimpse of the latest social media platforms like Insta, 9Gag, etc.
  • More responsive.
  • Multiple features.


  • Log-in & Sign-up
    • Bcrypt (hashing password)
    • Forgot Password
  • Upload 
    • Used Cloudinary to save files
  • Like & Comment
    • Show which has been already liked by that account
  • Save / Wishlist
  • Share on Facebook or Twitter 
  • Report the post
  • Different Pages like Home, Explore, Trending, etc.
    • Lazy loading
  • Search
  • Category based sorting 
  • Admin Panel
    • Approve uploaded posts
    • Delete Reports posts 
  • Promoted (For ads and promotions)

 Technologies Used:

  • Front End – HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 
  • API Call – AJAX
  • Dynamic behaviour with JavaScript, JQuery and HandleBars  
  • Back End – Node.js and Express Framework
  • Uploading and storing images – Multer with Cloudinary
  • Database – MongoDB Atlas
  • Deployment – Heroku 


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