MemeCorner Web App

MemeCorner Web App


Stage 2 Project (Out of 3 Stages)


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What are we trying to build?

we are creating a meme website like 9gag and imguar and , these are some reference website. Especially our website is all about meme, meme website

have some kind of meme and they are build for entertainment purpose,


Why did we choose to work on this?

we have not chosen this project, it was given, but this is not a big issue, let me explain why? In real life case, a client never want a a project that only you can build, he want his own functionality or his requirements. It will be a challenge for us to work a project like this .

Working on such project that is a great experience for us, we have learnt a lot

during the project week.


Technologies used and why?

The technologies we have used to build this web application are:

Font-end Part -> Html ,css , Hbs Template

Backend Part - > express, JS, and jQuery

Database -> we used MongoDB for our database

we have even created our API so where we can store some of meme then we can retrieve from Api and also we used the cloundinary for image upload.


Future scope of improvement?

major improvement that we feel should be made in this web application are thing we can add up something like customisable meme, so a user can create his own meme on our website.


Project Demo: