Mobbit - project by Vishal and Divyanshu


Project Overview

Built a full-stack application that allows users to create posts, comment on other posts. It’s a social networking application, which allows everyone to share their thoughts on any topics.


  App like Reddit where user can share information regarding topics.

  •    Sign in/signup 
  •    Create Post with text and video URL.
  •    User can provide upvote if user find the content helpful.
  •    User can also provide Comment for particular Topic.
  •    Dark mode feature 
  •    Responsive app.



  • Login/ signup feature for frontend and backend.
  • User authorization with JWT
  • Created frontend UI.
  • Categories filter feature for users


  • Created Post feature where user can write text.
  • User can also add video URL to refer any topic.
  • Created upvote feature so user can provide upvote if content is good.
  • Created comment feature for login user